Costume Ticker: Spider-Man Dons Seventh Costume In Two Years In 2012

In early 2011, I covered the main Marvel Universe 616 Spider-Man’s then 6 costumes in 2010/11.

And now, in early 2012, it looks like Spider-Man dons his 7th costume in 2 years. Again, under the watch of writer Dan Slott. (See right. A new red and black costume. This follows the more suspenseful initial teaser.)



Now, “Ends of the Earth” as a storyline sounds like a nice culmination of the work Slott has been doing over his tenure and will feature Doctor Octopus and the Sinister Six, and perhaps there is a good story-reason for yet another Spidey 616 costume, but this “feels” like another gimmick.

A gimmick that’s been echoing in Spider-Man’s corner of the Marvel Universe for years, but has really been prominent under Slott’s watch particularly since 2010.

I hope the costume change – which is a cringe worthy tactic – doesn’t detract from the narrative planned.

It’s also interesting to note that Spider-Man has 2 other costumes circling the Marvel multiverse. That’s the new costume for Miles Morales as Ultimate Spider-Man in a parrallel universe plus the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movie reboot’s new costume. That’s 9 costumes in 2 years for Spider-Man!

Anyhow, here are the other 6 Spider-Man costumes from the 616 that we’ve seen recently:

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