Kue’s Korner: A Cooler Perspective on the Road to ‘Mania

I honestly thought it was over. The way they’ve wasted Punk’s push….the way they’re wasting a golden opportunity to make Cena interesting again….and Sheamus in the Rumble…..I thought it was enough to drop the remote and actually head out for a drink on a Monday night. Never underestimate your vices.

With that said, I’ll drop the charming alliteration and just say that all my frustration (and presumably yours as well), at the end of the day, means little to nothing. Because no matter what bait and switch crap the ‘E pulls that most of us vows will cost them a substantial amount of the “Universe”, we’ll be wrong. Because it’s exactly what they’ve wanted to do. And it’s working.

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Seeing Red

They booked themselves into a corner last year by planning this year’s ‘Mania main event. If Cena was going to hold the title from Extreme Rules on, it would have guaranteed a lower buyrate for the rest of the year. This is why Punk has been a godsend. With Orton needed to carry Smackdown, Punk has been and will continue to be the perfect placeholder champion until John and Rocky are done. And that’s what Punk is, folks. A placeholder champion. Let’s not kid ourselves. If he was meant to be taken seriously as Cena’s replacement, the feud would not have been with someone as meaningless as Lauranitis. This feud has done nothing to propel Punk, but has kept him stable and the fans satiated with a WWE Champ they can get behind, as the title is conveniently off Johnny Boy until post-‘Mania.

As for the boyscout, they love teasing that heel turn, don’t they? I understand if your hopes were slightly raised for that turn with Kane’s first couple of promos, but after these ridiculous brawls and beatdowns that have done absolutely nothing to get that story to progress, to believe this is anything but a feud to waste time for John until his build up for ‘Mania is just plain naivety. Cena is Cena. And ‘E is far too wary of main event talent inconsistency for them to change him. Believe me.

Blue Streak

And Sheamus….not gonna lie, this, like the lot of you, pissed me off. But hell, if he’s going for Bryan’s belt, then, it makes enough sense for him to win. One has to remember that the Rumble itself, though usually a landmark for the year, serves only to set up the ‘Mania main event. And as the following night’s Raw would dictate, Jericho will still go on for a title clash with Punk. So, the result of the Rumble will serve its purpose.

With that said, I’ve been taking a bit of our esteemed Blair Douglas’s perspective. Might as well accept what is likely never going to change and enjoy the good shit that slips through the cracks. Slip on, good shit, slip on.

‘Round the Bend

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Oh, and Gojira, in between thanking people for fish, I see you’ve taken to commenting on Divas, such as AJ, Eve, and Rosa Mendes’ non-existent ass (which is shocking for a Puerto-Rican). I’m a bit confused. Since when did you start mimicking a watered-down version of late 90’s Jerry Lawler?

Yes, I’m back.


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