WrestleMania 28 Will Be Undertaker’s Finest Hour

Too much of a good thing eventually turns sour.

Wrestling is a business where you go too short and your legacy will be questioned, but too long and it can be tarnished forever. Ask Ric Flair.

As a wrestler letting go of the spotlight is a hard thing to do, but as time goes on it eventually has to happen and the sooner the better. I mean, who wants a tarnished legacy?

Going where your body allows always has limits, but there comes a time when it is pushed and I’m sure Taker is at those limits as he might have passed them last year. However, the feeling we get as WrestleMania approaches is excitement because Undertaker is going to try and take another wayward soul on the biggest stage of them all.

Undertaker is at the end of an amazing Hall of Fame career and on April 1, 2012, I feel he makes his last stop before the Hall of Fame beckons. WrestleMania 28 could go down as the greatest one ever, but it depends on this rematch he’ll have with Triple H. We rarely see a non-title match end the greatest show of the year. Does the Super Bowl, World Series or NBA Finals end without title? No, but this year’s WrestleMania will have both Taker-Hunter and Rock-Cena to choose from as two worthy non-title main event matches, with Rock-Cena likely capping off what will be an eventful night.

Last year, Taker and Hunter put on a classic that will go down as one of the best in WM history, but it was still no HBK v. Undertaker. All good things come to an end, and I feel this match has to mean the end of the in-ring road for both men no matter who wins and loses.

Legacy: what someone or something is remembered for or what they have left behind that is remembered, revered or has impacted current events and the present day.

The Deadman doesn’t want to be remembered for being carted out on the greatest stage of them all, but walk out and look back as he walks up to the stage of 20 years in one event that he was untouchable, unbeatable and unforgettable.

Shawn Michaels left losing, but his status as the greatest of all time to ever lace up a pair of boots stands tall, so Michaels ultimately won out in the end. 

Undertaker on the other hand will have the chance to walk out on top untouched, unbeaten and invincible on the most important night of them all. I believe that Undertaker will showcase something that we grew to love, he will give us one more classic and something we will never see again. The  flying clothesline, the top rope dangling, the flying over the rope and even one more tombstone pile driver off his feet and plant another notch his belt to the ground as he counts the 1, 2 and 3.

One last arm-raise as he turns back to his playground, where he made people famous, shortened and ended some careers. As he gets a standing ovation that’s what we and him wanted to be remembered for. Triple H is the only man that can truly beat Taker, but like all others it will end with him looking up at the most dominate force to ever hit the WWE.

April 1st, 2012. I believe it will be the end of a legacy not a streak.

The entrance, the fire and the dong.

The walk, the stare and the smoke.

The hat, the jacket and the eyes that put a chill down your spine.

The close-line, the over the rope and the tombstone.

The one, two and three.

It will end the only way we should want it to end and this will be Taker’s finest hour and will either tarnish his legacy or put him as one of the all time greats of the WWE.

Undertaker will be at his best WrestleMania 28 one last time for the final time.

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