DC Relaunch: First look at World’s Finest and Earth-2 Covers

DC Source today posted first looks at the covers of World’s Finest and Earth-2, which gave us some new costume designs for some characters, including Power Girl, and Earth-2’s Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman.

Skitch Commentary: I really love that Power Girl costume. The chest window had really just gotten old for me, and this really is a cool look for her. I especially love that the P logo seems to be a direct connection to the Supergirl costume she is wearing in the background.  Huntress probably could have used an update too, but I do think the Robin costume she’s wearing in the background is pretty cool!

One thing that did surprise me is seeing Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman on the cover of Earth-2. I do like the designs quite a bit, but I was really hoping we’d be seeing more of the JSA characters in this book.   I have never really been down with the idea that DC has a Trinity and that Wonder Woman is as important a character as Batman and Superman; just never been a fan of the character to be honest.   Hopefully this book will have a lot of JSA characters and not revolve around these three only.  How many books does Batman need to appear in, anyway?

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Source: DC Source