Box Office Actuals: $40 Million Each For The Vow And Safe House

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Inside Pulse Movies was unable to give you a complete box office analysis on Monday. But those were just estimated figures, anyway. We now have the actuals, and it indicates that Safe House did $900k better than originally thought. So instead of the Universal action-thriller starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds earning $39 million, it just squeaked by the $40 million figure with $40.2 million.

Screen Gems might want to consider offering Channing Tatum a studio contract, because the guy has been money for them. Having starred in Dear John and The Vow, he has helped both films clear a combined $71.7 million their opening weekends. Granted, it also helps having a Nicholas Sparks connection with John and a so-close-to-Nicholas-Sparks-you-thought-it-was-written-by-Nicholas-Sparks connection with The Vow.

The $40 million success of both The Vow and Safe House saw them accomplish something that has never been done before in the history of cinema. It was the first time that two features opened at $40 million in the month of February.

Dwayne Johnson is “Rock” solid when it comes to opening features. His crossover appeal as wrestler-turned-actor and his likeability has made it easy for him to star in action vehicles and films aimed for families. With Journey 2‘s $27 million opening, it is the eighth film featuring The Rock to open north of $22 million. Bear in mind, Johnson was only a supporting player in the films Be Cool, Get Smart, The Other Guys and Fast Five. But as the main character, his films have a open weekend average of $19.7 million. Not A-list numbers, but Hollywood definitely smells what he’s cooking.

Complete Top 10 figures below.

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Source: Box Office Mojo