Around The World In 80 Ways Episode 7 Preview: “Just Like A Tattoo”

When The Amazing Race inevitably goes seemingly every season, it is the episode that I am the most excited for. It’s primarily because there is always a bus ride involved and to say tha the patrons are presented as being overly touchy-feely with their American reality star co-passengers would be an understatement. It makes me laugh everytime and it was also a leg that Boston Rob dominated when he was on the show during its seventh season.

That is why I couldn’t wait to see Mariano and co-host Dennis Anderson start the next leg of their journey in Mumbai. The first method of transportation used in tonight’s seventh episode of Around The World In 80 Ways, is the Tuk Tuk. Amazing Race will know it immediately as the mechanical rickshaw that has often been employed on the show and our co-hosts use it to begin their trek to Lake Pichola. While the tuk tuk is amusing especially given the steady flow of traffic in India, I definitely would have liked to see them take the bus.

After reaching Udaipur, another awesome sight to see is the pair getting to ride a pair of humongous elephants as their next method of transport. The elephants are what India is most famous for (next to the Taj Mahal) and while it wasn’t their fastest choice, it was certain Rob and Dennis’ most grandiose. Unfortunately, because of their close proximity to power lines, they are forced to abandon the elements for… monster trikes.

Being a former Monster Truck driver, Dennis is obviously besides himself with excitement and challenges his partner to a race. The stakes? The loser has to get a henna tattoo on their face. Let’s just say that for the people waiting to see Rob receive a Red Sox tattoo will have to wait another day.

There is another contest between the pair when they arrive at Lake Pichola (a constructed body of water) where they build a pair of rafts before building a pair of rafts to get to the Oberoi Hotel. The winner gets to spend the night with luxury and has a butler for the evening.

For the loser? Let’s just say the night isn’t as enjoyable…

Around The World In 80 Ways airs tonight at 10 p.m. on History Television

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