Before Watchmen Watch: Darwyn Cooke’s Minutemen Promo Invokes DC New Frontier & Honors Dave Gibbons

I’m not a fan of all seven (7) of the Before Watchmen prequel mini-series, but I don’t have an issue with DC Comics doing these prequel books. DC Comics owns the franchise and should exploit it as long as they put the best creators on them and tell compelling stories.

Well, while they have top creators on all the prequel mini-series, the one I am guaranteed to pick up is Darwyn Cooke’s Minutemen. I was a HUGE fan of Cooke’s DC New Frontier. Cooke ”gets” the Silver Age vibe and I hope he brings it to Minutemen which is the more hopeful precursor “Golden Age” superhero team to the darker “Bronze Age” Watchmen.

DC Comics has released some writer-artist Darwyn Cooke promotional art for Before Watchmen: Minutemen (see right). It does evoke the same feel as Cooke’s DC New Frontier volume two (2) trade paperback cover art (see left).

For more Minutemen goodness, I’ve also included ye olde Who’s Who Minutmen page with Dave Gibbons art. If you click on it, you can read the bio that explains the Minutemen history. Plus I’v also included the Watchmen Movie’s take on the iconic Minutemen photo. (A decent flick BTW. Don’t just take my word for that. IP’s resident movie aficionado Travis Leamons thought so too.)

As a huge fan of the Justice Society and books with Golden Age vibes, I am jazzed about the potential of Darwyn Cooke’s Minutemen! 🙂

Good times ahead.

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