New Avengers Spoilers: How Many Avengers Does It Take To Bring Down An Evil Thor Robot?

This week the New Avengers fought Ragnarok, better known to fans as the evil cyborg clone of Thor from Civil War. Not an easy fight for this team, I’ll tell you that much. But let’s cover this in like Mr. Owl would.





So now let’s explain the visual aid!

First up, Wolverine opens the fight by stabbing Ragnarok repeatedly and trying to rip him apart with claws. He is electrocuted. Repeatedly. When he’s not longer able to fight, by that point Luke Cage is ready to get involved and he has Spider-Man throw him into the fight. When that doesn’t work, next is up Iron Fist being thrown in by Spider-Man for the KO.

So while Spidey definitely offered up the assist, it took three Avengers actually pounding on this beast to bring him down!

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