DC Comics Unveils New Design For Classic Batman Villain For New 52 Debut In Night Of Owls (Updated)

UPDATED (With Spoilers):

In sharing this piece on this twitter, Batman writer Scott Snyder seemed to confirm that the below pic only reveals part of this classic Batman rogue’s costume. A helmet and exo-suit still exists for the character in the New 52.

Original News Item:

Writer Scott Lobdell and artist Kenneth Rocafort craft a tie-in issue in Red Hood & The Outlaws with the Batman-event “Night of Owls” event that includes the debut of Mr. Freeze.

During an interview at CBR, writer Lobdell noted that:

“Well, you’ve probably noticed, Red Hood And The Outlaws “isn’t like the other kids” — they’re not really asked to play in the reindeer games. When you see how they wind up caught between a Talon rock and a Mr. Freeze hard place, it will feel like exactly what it is: A “Night Of The Owls” story through that Outlaw prism.”

Check out Rocafort’s pic below. Plus what follows below it are questions that a Greg Capullo pic from his Batman book asks about Mr. Freeze.

Considering this its interesting that we saw someone that resembled Mr. Freeze in an early New 52 Batman issue of the Scott Snyder written and Greg Capullo pencilled Batman. He looks VERY DIFFERENT from this new reimagined one.

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Source: CBR