World Championship Boxing: Vitali Klitschko vs. Derek Chisora Live Play by Play and Results

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Welcome fight fans to our coverage of Vitali Klitschko’s defense of his World Boxing Commission Heavyweight Title against former British champion Dereck Chisora.  Chisora was twice scheduled to face Vitali’s brother Wladimir but both fights were cancelled due to the champion struggling with muscle tears. Chisora may have been making waves with aggressive pre-fight trash talking and a disgraceful slap to the champion at the press conference, but that doesn’t disguise his lack of bona fides. He is not a world class operative inside the ring, with his most impressive performance being a surprising competitive against Robert Helenius in a controversial fight for the European Title late last year. However with so few credible contenders left in a division dominated Vitali and his brother, he tonight has a shot at securing one of the biggest upsets in boxing history against the aging champion. Not likely to happen though

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Round One

Dereck Chisora gets into Vitali’s face as the champion enters the ring. Such tactics seem like the actions of a man who is trying to goad his opponent rather than focus on his own game. In otherwise Chisora knows he needs to provoke a mistake from the champion to have even a chance of securing the victory.

Chisora trying to duck in and get close but Vitali is successfully landing with the right hand. The commentators saying that Chisora is trying to ape Joe Frazier but the tactics aren’t being effective so far with Chisora being caught by Klitschko on the way in and not landing his looping overhand punches. While Chisora looked somewhat competitive in that round he can’t keep taking those sorts of punches, especially as more will get in as he tires. 10-9 Vitali

Round Two

Chisora again coming in looking to land hooks but Vitali moving around the ring and landing chopping right hands from distance. Chisora tries to rush forward with a lunging right but Vitali leans back. Vitali lands a hard right-left in the middle of the ring. Chisora lands a glancing overhand blow that seems to register with the champion who turns it up in the second half of the round by landing four or five power punches in succession. Vitali using his reach really well against Chisora, able to land clean shots from distance. 20-18

Round Three

Chisora has been boxed into his shell by the elder Klitschko, with the challenger far less active in the opening two rounds. The problem is that Chisora lacks the head movement or footwork to be illusive, so he’s taking the punches that are slowly but surely chipping away at his resistance. That was the case again in the third, with Chisora taking a lot of damage as he allowed Vitali to pick him apart from distance with crunching power punches. 30-27.

Round Four

Ugly round as Chisora keeps ineffectively spamming Vitali with overhand punches that were nowhere near to connecting. The headhunting of Chisora mirrors the lack of technique or patience that proved so disastrous for David Haye against Wladimir.  He also was beginning to look to repeatedly hold onto the champion, but the referee is having none of it. Vitali is happy to just fight off the back foot, picking the openings to land power punches. At one point Chisora’s corner was screaming at him to let his hands go but his hands aren’t the problem – his complete lack of technique means he simply can’t get close enough. 40-36.

Round Five

More of the same in what is proving to be a fairly boring fight with Vitali unusually content to fight off his back foot as Chisora aimlessly walks forward. The tactics haven’t changed from the first four rounds are continued and have the same effect, 50-45.

Round Six

Better round from Chisora who spent the opening minutes of the round by working the body of the champion with hook shots. Chisora on the front foot throughout the round, reddening the mid-section of Vitali. Chisora mixes in a few big punches to the head, one of which lands clean midway through. In response Vitali lands a few shots in the final minute of the round but Chisora takes it with a much better performance. 59-55

Round Seven

Chisora starts out aggressively and puts Vitali on the defensive, which is never a pretty sight. The commentators get a bit overexcited by the early success of Chisora’s roughhousing, Vitali usually has his uncomfortable moments when put under pressure. In the second half of the round Chisora slowed down and Vitali upped his workrate, closing the round with several hard punches straight to the head of the challenger. Difficult round to score but the champion’s offense was cleaner. 69-64

Round Eight

Chisora continues to look better than he did in the early rounds with Chisora on the offense. Is throwing a lot of looping right hands to the head of the champion, while most seemed to be blocked by Vitali, there’s no denying the champion looks in less than fine fettle. Chirosa’s round. 78-74

Round Nine

Chisora again having some success hustling the champion while not landing much in the way of clean shots but Vitali comes back towards the end to steal the ten points by landing several hard right hands to the head. Vitali doesn’t look entirely himself however with the champion looking tired and at times tentative. 89-83

Round Ten

Better from Vitali who not only naturalizes the threat posed by Chisora but comes out much more aggressively, landing several power punches to the head of Chisora. The Brit does come back with some nice body shots to the mid-section towards the end of the round but its not enough for the point. 99-92

Round Eleven

Better round from Vitali Klitschko who takes the round with a decent round of controlled aggression as he fights aggressively and lands several punches. He doesn’t entirely convincing with his punches lacking their usual potency. However Chisora is for the second round nowhere near active enough to capitalize.109-101

Round Twelve

Chisora comes out aggressively in the final round but Klitschko has more than enough in reserve to be in any danger of risking the knockout that the challenger needed to secure the fight. He retains on scores of 118-110, 118-110, 119-111 but still a disappointing fight for Vitali who’s sluggish display gave more ammunition to those who feel that age is catching up with him. Chisora tries to crash Vitali’s celebration and gets a tongue lashing from the brothers for his trouble.

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