Harrak’s Quick Quips: Raw 2.20.12 (CM Punk, HHH, Undertaker, Jericho)

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– Well that was the heel turn I expected. I’m just glad they didn’t go full “pro-wrestling” with the assumption that John Cena doesn’t watch the show.

– “Skank juice”, “hoeski”, “bitches” and a STD reference all in one John Cena promo. Yup, we are on the road to WrestleMania.

– Called it, Eve is 2012’s answer to Lita.

– I’m more interested in seeing a bald Undertaker than I am in Undertaker vs HHH 3.

– That was a really agile reverse for a guy of Sheamus’ size. Sheamus vs Bryan and Punk vs Jericho are going to be damn fun.

– I think we’re looking at a six man tag match at WrestleMania for GM control of the WWE.

– Metallica for the HHH/Undertaker match? Yea that won’t boost their egos.

– Kofi and Truth. Ugh.

– Ron Simmons is a terrific addition to the Hall of Fame. Congrats.

– Hasn’t it been the “end of the world as we know it” for about 5 weeks?

– Didn’t Zeke just lose to Jinder Mahal last Friday?

– Oh Metallica music for Taker instead of Johnny Cash. That must be why he can’t wrestle every month. WWE doesn’t want to pay the licensing fees for all that time.

– No deep, creepy Undertaker voice. Interesting.

– Hello, Sin Cara lighting.

– I’m loving the fact that we’re seeing a little bit of “American Bad Ass” Undertaker.

– Loved the Shawn Michaels line. Feel like it almost confirms him as the referee at Mania.

– That was a HUGE pop that I didn’t expect from that announcement.

– For some reason, I just saw that Hell in a Cell announcement coming when Triple H turned back around for the last time. They used every trick in the book last year in the No DQ match and Hell in a Cell offers the same shortcuts.

– They ignored the “chair shot ban” last year, I wonder if they’ll ignore the “no blood” rule. Hmmm…

– With this response, I can realistically see Santino ending Cody Rhodes’ IC title reign.

– The Bella’s outfits are terrible. It makes them look like they have potbellies which I’m pretty sure they do not.

– Did John Cena just call his own movies BS? I noticed he didn’t mention The Marine, which he’s in talks to star in this year.

– That is the John Cena that made him popular among ALL the WWE fans.


– Ziggler looks like an idiot with the pink shirt dangling from his ass.

– I think it’s safe for Khali to go back to India. In the last two nights, he’s worked a total of 6 minutes.

– Gotta love Punk attempting to steal the lead commentator job from Michael Cole.

– Like the “Welcome Back To The Miz-Card” sign. Very creative.

– That’s a broken elbow for Barrett.

– My God Santino almost crushed Barrett’s arm again. I honestly held my breath.

– Really good to see Barrett walk to the back on his own power. It definitely looked as if he dislocated his shoulder and fractured his elbow. Horrible injury.

– This was the predictable finish but it’s for the match we all want to see at WrestleMania. It’s going to be a fun ride.

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