Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 (John Cena, CM Punk, Santino, Daniel Bryan)

– Starting with WWE title match. Interesting. Thought for certain this was going to be the main event.

– They’ve done a good job at making the Chamber matches feel important this year. It helps that neither of the title matches at WrestleMania seem to be set in stone.

– Kofi Kingston and CM Punk starting it off. Two former World Tag Team Championship partners. Boy, have their careers gone in different directions.

– Awesome Rocker Dropper from the chains.

– These guys are just going for it tonight.

– Glad they got rid of R-Truth early.

– Good God that was a sick DDT. Ziggler is getting destroyed tonight.

– Working with Punk has definitely stepped up Miz’s game.

– Very surprised we saw Ziggler eliminated before Kofi.

– Jericho and Punk are so incredibly smart. We should all be thanking God it looks like Jericho vs Punk at WrestleMania.

– Miz has a REAL edge in this match tonight. There’s not much of a “doghouse” on display here.

– Not completely sure how I feel about Jericho chasing Punk for the title instead of the other way around. It’s going to be fun one way or another but it’s obvious the right choice to go over at ‘Mania is Punk.

– Nice video with Cena and a few developmental guys. It wasn’t overbearing or “rah-rah” and it worked.

– Ouch that was a hard fall for Tamina.

– It’s pretty funny how almost of the Divas are saddled with a one name gimmick for “branding purposes” but yet every male wrestler is given two generic names to make work.

– Pretty good Divas match. It’s amazing what can happen when you put two wrestlers in the ring together.

– All for these Santino segments.

– Wow, no one is remembering their lines tonight.

– They just wasted two hot heel returns of Del Rio and Christian for a throwaway segment that almost killed this PPV.

– John Cena versus Kane will be going on last. We better see a run in by The Rock or this is going to be terrible.

– Mark my words, the pop Santino gets when he enters the match will be incredible.

– Remember when the Chamber matches were intense, bloody brawls? I miss those matches.

– Yes, that was a huge Santino chant.

– Kudos to Big Show for taking that suplex!

– Beautiful moonsault from Cody. That woke the crowd up.

– Anyone expect Santino to last this long?

– Why the hell was Khali in this match just for that?!

– Ok Big Show breaking into the pod was awesome.

– And that’s why Show didn’t go through the door to begin with.

– Cody Rhodes is VERY good and getting better everyday.

– This crowd is going to go insane if Santino is in the final two.


– Great finish and honestly I would have been fine with Santino winning the belt, just as long as he didn’t go to WrestleMania with the belt.

– Sheamus versus Daniel Bryan at Mania should be fun and rather ironic considering they were bumped from last year’s main show.

– Poor poor Nattie.

– Complete time killer to fill PPV time.

– They must have something big planned for this match because there’s no way this match is going to live up to either Chamber match. Especially on a PPV NAMED Elimination Chamber!

– I still want to say Eve was in on this all along with Kane but I don’t know if WWE is going to get the intricate.

– Is it bad that I am just barely paying attention to this match?

– I’ve had a laptop thrown at my head before. John Cena’s not that tough.

– Super Cena prevails again and now we have another 6 weeks of Cenation cheerleading. That finish really put a damper on the whole PPV for me.

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