Cheerleader Melissa vs. Mickie James Set for April as part of Traditional Championship Wrestling Card

Following the retirement of 25-year women’s wrestling veteran Malia Hosaka last week, Traditional Championship Wrestling has announced that their previously announced Triple Threat match between Cheerleader Melissa, Mickie James and Hosaka will now be a one-on-one contest.

The TCW show is slated for April 7th in Fort Smith, Ark., and will actially be a rematch of sorts since Mickie and Melissa (as Alissa Flash) recently fought in India during a taping of the TNA Ring Ka King series.

The official statement from TCW to Diva Dirt is below:

On Thursday, February 16, the offices of Traditional Championship Wrestling received a text message from Malia Hosaka stating that she was retiring due to personal reasons and would be unable to attend TCW’s April 7 Ft. City Showdown television taping to be held in Ft. Smith, AR at the Convention Center. Hosaka was slated to compete in a 3-way match against Mickie James and Cheerleader Melissa.
In past dealings with Hosaka, she was a true professional. We are saddened at the loss to not only our event, but to the wrestling business as a whole.

However, the show must go on and now the stage has been set for a ladies’ dream match as Mickie James will now face Cheerleader Melissa in a singles match. This will be the first time ever these two have met in a singles match in the United States.

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-Brian Thompson
Traditional Championship Wrestling

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Source: Diva Dirt