Kue’s Korner: Product of Progression, Hopefully (WWE, Elimination Chamber, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, John Cena, Kane)

It’s Kue. It’s my Korner. Guess I could give some type of horrible intro that tries too hard to be like a bad version of Kevin Smith, but I guess I’ll stick to the alliteration I’m so famous for.

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Chamber: Product of Progression, Hopefully

If you paid money to see Elimination Chamber, please have someone else do your taxes. Finances are definitely not your department. Seriously, who thought this PPV was going to be anything other than story enhancement? So, let’s accept the pre-‘Mania event for the abortion that it was and judge it based on its story-progression merits.

Jericho was eliminated, but never pinned or made to submit. And given their recent encounters on Raw, the proceedings at the PPV all but booked the main event between Punk and Jericho.

The atrocity of a chamber match from Smackdown’s side was all but predictable. Sheamus vs. Bryan was set in stone ever since the former won the Rumble. Any other prediction was simply delusional.

The Divas match was a bit better than expected, and Beth winning basically spelled out Kharma’s return and challenge.

And, as I’ve said before, his nonchalant victory over Kane spelled out what a complete waste of a feud this was for Cena, simply killing time until his encounter with Rocky.

The former three stories have been progressed, while the last one was capped by a decisive match finish, therefore leading me to believe the PPV served the purpose that was needed. Four hours of story enhancement.

With that said, the PPV was horrible. Not mediocre, horrible. Let’s hope the payoff at ‘Mania will be worth the compromise in match quality to facilitate potential narrative progression.

‘Round the Bend


This week’s “’Round the Bend” is going to be a bit intrusive. Let’s take a look at the most current articles from our fine and entertaining staff at Pulse.

The Fist Pump: Out of everyone on this site, Swayze and Blair seem to have the most grounded opinions on wrestling I’ve come across. Swayze, in particular, admits to becoming more of a casual fan nowadays than an avid watcher, which is a perspective that is really needed in order to gain some form of rational objectivity in this ridiculous world of the IWC. Swayze continues his trend of touching on the lighter topics, such as TNA’s “Against All Odds” and their habit of unclean finishes and putting Sting and Hogan over the rest of the roster. But the heart of the article is a discussion of the utter uselessness and degrading shit sandwich that is Natalya’s farting gimmick.


The Common Denominator: Ralph Hardin speaks of dream matches. Really, he dives into post-‘Mania booking. He came up with some pretty decent scenarios, but in all honesty, that’s about as fantasy as a booking can get. ‘E is infamously at its worst post-‘Mania. They follow the pattern of throwing shit to the wall to see what sticks. And as we’ve seen in the past, a lot of that shit ends up falling. Though I would like to see some of Ralph’s predictions come true, I just can’t see any of that happening.


The Rager: For a column called the Rager, Chris Sanders really takes an optimistic point of view this week, as he focuses on what there is to enjoy in the WWE. While I’m basically on board with sentiments towards Punk’s occasional mic gems, Ziggler slowly coming into his own, and the mic work picking up as of late, Zack Ryder’s current state is not a push. I’m sorry, he’s simply a stepping stone in the Cena build. It’s ridiculous to suggest he’s being utilized properly, because he simply isn’t. And it certainly doesn’t make him better than anyone on Superstars. In fact, it’s going to be worse for Ryder once he’s dropped to an even lower status after he’s done with the Cena storyline.

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I’ll delve into different articles every week, simply because I do enjoy our Pulse staff and their articles. Hopefully, you share that sentiment.



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