Wednesday Morning Backlash: WWE’s CM Punk, Chris Brown, and Stone Cold

I love that CM Punk is actually standing up to Chris Brown, whose unforgivable actions were immediately forgiven by the public at large, but I cannot believe Chris Brown has been dumb enough to reply. And his reply? Ad Hominem attacks on Punk for “using steroids.” A. It’s fairly absurd to accuse the Straight Edge guy of that. B. Who cares if he used steroids? You beat the living shit out of a woman! In what way, shape, or form is using steroids nearly as bad? Chris Brown will never wrestle, and if he did, it’d be kayfabe, but the guy is a giant tool.

But then, how dare wrestling fans be singing Punk’s praises given their own history with Steve Austin? Austin beat no less than 3-wives, but is still a conquering hero. Hell, I’d love to see Punk call that out since Austin so badly apparently wants to face Punk. Is it any better for Austin to have done this than Brown? If Punk fails to call out Austin in a similar manner, we’ll know just what this was – a publicity stunt that Brown played into. I hope Punk remembers that the Grammy’s didn’t go after their own guy in Chris Brown, and when they issue is WWE, that Punk himself doesn’t fall into the same trap.

Here’s Punk’s video to Brown:

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