CB’s Slant: All About Eve’s Heel Turn and How It All Ties into The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania 28

For Monday’s cold open to WWE Raw, Eve’s true and cruel intentions were made known to the Bella Twins, John Cena and the world. That’s right, the previously pristine Ms. Torres turned heel in what I feel to be epic fashion, claiming she was simply using Zack Ryder and that she was now going to take a step up the ladder and use John Cena.

Of course, John Cena overheard Eve talking about her diabolical plan, and so this led to a pretty memorable and certainly non-TV-PG promo between the two.

Both of the above scenes are spliced together right here for your review:

Following these developments, Eve quickly tried to leave the building, and WWE.com then caught up with her in a TMZ-like, paparazzi-style like interview:

CB’s Slant: I say epic in reference to Eve’s heel turn because I really don’t remember the last time a WWE Diva went from mostly likable to completely reviled in such a dramatic way. It certainly got people I know talking on Tuesday, and after letting it simmer for a couple of days I figured out the real reason for Eve’s sudden character change.

Most people think Eve’s heel turn was to give John Cena a quick out from the whole Kane-Eve-Ryder storyline so he can focus on The Rock, which is true in its own right. In addition to that, however, this whole saga on Monday night allowed John Cena to become unshackled by the TV-PG mantra so he could really stick it to Eve by calling her names and insulting her in what is now deemed shocking fashion in the TV-PG era.

Why is this so important? Because in order for John Cena to be able to hang with The Rock on the mic, he (and WWE) will have to forego TV-PG on the Road to WrestleMania in order to really sell this main event hard to both the existing audience and the more casual “Attitude Era” fan who is not used to such a cleaned up product.

And, if you notice, Cena not only entered that realm full throttle when speaking to Eve, he continued that in his promo on The Rock later on in the show:


The Road to WrestleMania 28 is certainly heating up, and with The Rock advertised for Monday’s show to confront Cena, I’m sure it will only get hotter — and filthier by TV-PG standards — from here on out.

That’s just my take — CB.

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