DC is shutting down their message boards

DC Source announced:

DCComics.com visitors will find a pleasant surprise when they visit our site in early March in the form of an entirely new and redesigned website, complete with new features and exclusive content. The new site will be the home to all things DC Entertainment and will incorporate many different community elements, including opportunities for fans to comment throughout the site and integrated social media features.

As part of its online makeover, DC Entertainment will be shutting down the current message boards in early March. Active message board users are encouraged to save their favorite conversations leading up to the closure. Special thanks to the many fans who participated in the messages boards over the years.

The online team at DC Entertainment looks forward to seeing fans on the “other side” after the new site launches. With comments hosted by Facebook and real-time Twitter feeds integrated throughout the site, fans will be able to jump back into conversations about the latest announcements, like BEFORE WATCHMEN or the Second Wave of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52. Or talk about how excited they are for the new Vertigo title, FAIREST.

Skitch Commentary: It’s been a long time since I was a regular user of the DC Message Board, but this is definitely kind of sad to me. DCMB used to be my favorite place to hang out and talk comics. I used to post as Machiste, Josiah Power, and Sigil-Bearer Josiah. In fact, some of my posts actually popped up in DC’s letter pages over the years.

DCMB used to be one hell of a cool community. When I couldn’t find Legion Lost (Vol. 1) 1 a few years back, one of the posters sent me one. They didn’t even ask me to pay for shipping.

One last comment, so often when a website does a complete overhaul it makes things impossible to find and the new design just isn’t as appealing as the old design to me.  I really hope that DC avoids that with their new site!


Source: DC Source