The Raid Gets A New Trailer

One of the best pure action movies in at least a decade gets a new trailer (embedded below), but adds a stupid subtitle.

This week I had the privilege of seeing The Raid (which has now been renamed The Raid: Redemption), a film Sony Pictures Classics’ picked up when it was making the festival rounds at Toronto and Sundance. As someone who tries to avoid making hyperbolic statements (even though they do look good in trade ads), it’s hard to ignore the sheer awesomeness on display during its 100 minute runtime.

Plot Summary: Written, edited and directed by Gareth Evans, The Raid is the story of an elite special-forces team sent to extract a brutal crime lord from a 15-floor apartment complex. But when a spotter blows their cover, boss Tama (Ray Sahetaphy) offers lifelong sanctuary to every killer, rapist and thief in the building in exchange for their heads. Now rookie officer Rama must fight his way through gun- and machete-wielding tenants and make it out alive.

The Raid will play at the SXSW Film Festival on March 11th (9:30 PM at the Paramount Theatre) and will open in select theaters beginning March 23, 2012.

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Source: Yahoo! Movies