Harrak’s Quick Quips: Raw 2.27.12 (CM Punk, The Rock, John Cena, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan)

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– I didn’t see Smackdown from Friday yet but from what I heard it was a pretty good show. Be sure to check out Martin’s review on the main page.

– I wondered when they were bring up the Hitman catchphrase.

– “Did you invent him being from Canada too?”

– I think CM Punk just insulted all of the WrestleMania main event competitors from the last 3 years in one promo.

– Wow, two commercial breaks for the opening match. That’s different.

– Dispite the baby oil, Jericho truly is in the best shape of his life.

– Have to love the old school Liontamer.

– Sure seems like my 6-man General Manager tag team match at WrestleMania idea will be coming to fruition.

– That hype video felt EXACTLY like last year’s. I was hoping for something new from this storyline.

– At least Miz is getting something heading into WrestleMania. But who would be his opponent? There’s not many babyface, upper midcarders for him to face. What he could do is go the old Chris Jericho route circa WrestleMania 21 and attempt to reintroduce Money in the Bank onto the WrestleMania card. It would work for his character and also add a certain crowd pleaser that’s been missing from the last few years.

– That match took the exact same amount of time to take place as it did for me to write the previous paragraph.

– Why does this random, unadvertised, triple threat, Tag Team Title match feel like an excuse to put the belts on Kofi Kingston and R-Truth?

– Oh wow, not what I expected at all. I truly feel Primo and Epico should be giving half of their paychecks to Rosa… in addition to her own.

– We all know it’s going to be Kane and Eve versus Zack Ryder and Kelly Kelly. Can we just get to it so I can brag about being right?

– Evil Eve has the potential to be as good as evil Trish Stratus. Ok, maybe not that good but close… I hope. Please don’t hold me to that.

– I’ll definitely check out the Edge movie. After seeing him on “Haven”, he has the comedic timing and subtlety to pull off a part like this.

– That was the goofiest looking picture of the Big Show I’ve ever seen. And that includes “The Show-ster”.

– Well, Sheamus really doesn’t have to do much anymore, does he? I’m guessing he gets more of a spotlight on Smackdown.

– Too much catchphrase talk, Rock.

– No matter if it was a work, shoot or a little of both, that promo seemed to get a bit personal and definitely picked up the level of this feud. EXACTLY what it needed.

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