How To Build A Better Montage: Oscar Meet Jimmy Kimmel’s Movie: The Movie

Forget about prestige films, nostalgia and nominees that the Joe Sixpack viewers in TV land have never heard of, what it all boils down to is that most people want big-name stars, asinine plots, a glutinous amount of CGI, and tons of marketing that hypnotize them into thinking they are watching something great.

If you stayed up late and caught Jimmy Kimmel’s Post-Oscar special, then you got a taste of what the public demands. The more than 8-minute spoof trailer for Movie: The Movie gives us Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Oscar winners and nominees. Among the luminaries you have George Clooney as “The World’s Greatest Scientist”, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Tom Hanks as RoboLawyer, Gary Oldman as a Centaur, and Matt Damon as an underwear model (if you’re thinking like Mark Wahlberg, you’re wrong).

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Source: Indiewire