No Chance – The One Year Anniversary (featuring Undertaker, Triple H, Sheamus)

Greetings FRC (Friends, Romans, Countrymen) this is the No Chance column. Last week was my fifty-second column for this site, which means I’ve been writing for this site for a year now. Feeling rather nostalgic upon discovering this fact, I went back to my first couple of articles to see what I wrote about back then and to see how much things have changed over the past year.

And so, the first article I ever wrote was about…Triple H fighting Undertaker at WrestleMania. Huh, I guess things haven’t really changed all that much. As I reread my article, it seems that most of my complaints are built around being less than pleased with the buildup to the match. That sounds familiar too. Although I did praise the “give me my rematch” angle with Shawn Michaels in 2010 so they may be taking a bit from that this year. I also pointed out that the most likely reason for Taker winning is that he wasn’t going to end the streak this close to twenty. If that was true last year, it is extra true this year.

The Next article was all about how Sheamus was about to fade into obscurity. Well that sure has changed. At the time of the article Sheamus was about to put his career on the line against Daniel Bryan for a mid card belt. Now they have a WrestleMania World Championship match against each other. Of course I suggested way back then that a move to SmackDown would be helpful to his career so I’m glad that WWE followed my sage advice, I also had a comment on the article talking about how everyone needs to lose every now and then, but I stand by my original statement. The week before, Sheamus had lost a match in 70 seconds. There’s a big different in losing a match and completely undermining your character with embarrassing loss after embarrassing loss. (See the current status of Drew Mcintyre)

Another article talks about how well this storyline between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler is working out. If only I had known that in a few short months that storyline would devolve into not only the worst thing on current television, but quite simply would not end.  In fact if I didn’t read my own words praising the storyline leading up to WrestleMania, I would questioned if it was even that good to begin with, the second half was so terrible, it tainted any part of the storyline and anything associated wit it. It’s taken almost the rest of the year to begin to repair the colossal damage. My worry is that the GM fighting storyline will this year, mirror what happened to this one last year. So I beg WWE, please learn from your past mistake (like that’s ever happened) play this storyline out, have fun with it, but when it starts to wear thin, let it die. And please, don’t put anybody in a stupid box for months on end.

As I look over the articles, for the most part they are all about WrestleMania just as any articles from around this time would be. But it is saddening to see how hopeful I sounded as I talked about it seeing as the end result was WrestleMania 27. But as I look at the content this year I can’t help but get a teeny bit hopeful again. We officially know that Rock and Cena will be fighting, instead of the vague “something will go down” junk that we had last year. And perhaps this Hell in a Cell stipulation will be exactly what we need to get invested in another HHH and Taker match. And who’s to say that the same match two years in a row will be bad. After all, didn’t it work for Shawn Michaels and Undertaker just a few years ago? Yes this is shaping up to be the exact same show that we were promised last year, a show that I’ve already paid fifty dollars for, but it doesn’t hurt to be hopeful. After all, it’s WrestleMania.

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