Doctor Who Sale on Comixology

IDW must have heard that I got my tax rebate check this week, because they are having a huge Doctor Who sale to celebrate Leap Year. Until March 1, you can get the following Doctor Who titles for 99 cents on Comixology!

Doctor Who Annual 2010
Doctor Who: The Whispering Gallery
Doctor Who: The Time Machination
Doctor Who: Autopia
Doctor Who: Cold-Blooded War
Doctor Who: Room With a Deja Vu
Doctor Who: Black Death White Life
Doctor Who Annual 2011
Doctor Who: The Forgotten 1-6 – I LOVE THIS MINI! First Ten Doctors!
Doctor Who Classics 1-5
Doctor Who: Agent Provocateur 1-6
Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life 1-4
Doctor Who (Volume 1) 1-16
Doctor Who (Volume 2) 1-14

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