The Gold Standard: Top Five Moments Of The Week 2/22-2/28

I could do some excuse to open up that would explain why I haven’t done one of these in a while, but really, who cares? Let’s do a top five!

5. X-Men Legacy #262

The X-Men had a Schism because Scott and Logan came to fundamental differences on how to handle the X-kids. Namely that Scott has no problem letting them fight, and Logan wanted them to be kids. Well, Exodus is not a fan of this decision, and last issue Wolverine’s team accidentally convinced him that if he killed Cyclops that everything would be awesome. Now, this is Exodus, so when Wolverine and company intercept him…they still aren’t strong enough. In fact, they have to call in Cyclops’s team for backup. They just…don’t get the lineup they were hoping for.

They get the kids.


4. Secret Avengers #23

There are some debates in comics that just don’t need to be had. Like the merits of Hank Pym discussing the creation of an artificial intelligence of any variety. It’s just one of those things that can’t possibly go well, and anyone suggesting it just needs to shut their damn mouth before we get another Ultron on our hands. Thankfully, Hank McCoy is smart enough to understand this fact.


3. Wolverine and the X-Men #6

So how scary powerful is Quentin “Kid Omega” Quire? Telepathic space worms used to pick out cheaters in Space Casinos will crap themselves and die after a second in his brain. That’s both scary and hilarious. Really, if I had to go gamble, I’d take Quetnin with me, though I doubt I’d be able to get to Space Casinos. I mean, the guy can’t lose, and anyone trying to catch him cheating winds up willing themselves to death.


2. Aquaman #6

The rules of Mera. One; don’t call her Aquawoman. Two; don’t make fun of the fact that she and Aquaman come from under the water. Three; don’t ever assume she can’t kill you without laying a finger on you. This issue was all Mera, and she comes out of it with a hell of an edge and an attitude that balances out the overly passive nature that Aquaman is forced to broadcast. It wasn’t enough to break a guys arm for trying to cop a feel, but what she does to this asshole that’s threatening to kill his daughter? Seriously, don’t call her Aquawoman.

1. Fantastic Four #603

Every book tries to be epic, but not every book has Galactus taking on a group of Celestials all at once in a cosmic scaled handicap match. And he actually beats one of them!

He beat a bloody Space God!

….apparently crazy powerful SPACE GODS can go Megazord. I mean, three of them wrapped together in the corpse of a fourth? That’s gotta be like getting bitch slapped by God.


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