WWE on YouTube Roundup: Zack Ryder’s Z! True Long Island Story One Year-Anniversary (with John Morrison and Mr. Belding Cameos) and Much More

This edition of our WWE on YouTube Roundup focuses on two episode of Zack Ryder’s Z! True Long Island Story and new episodes of Are You Serious? and Santino’s Foreign Exchange.

Zack Ryder’s Z! True Long Island Story, Episode 53
–One Year Anniversary Special

–Saved by the Bell theme song opening credits parody featuring the cast of characters from Z! True Long Island Story

–#HEEL featuring Dolph Ziggler

–Zack Ryder discusses the John Cena / Eve kiss on Raw from two weeks ago

–Scott Stanford raps for Zack’s one-year anniversary

–Curt Hawkins says Zack’s 15 minutes of fame are up

–Zack explains why he started the YouTube show to begin with: “To get noticed … or to get fired”.

–Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) cameo

–A HILARIOUS post-future-endeavored John Morrison cameo


Zack Ryder’s Z! True Long Island Story, Episode 54:

–Curt Hawkins says he’s waiting for Zack in the ring rather than on the computer

–“HOESKI” of the Week: Eve

–#HEEL: Dolph Ziggler

–Big O’s First ever match, featuring Chiapetta as his manager


Are You Serious? Episode 4, featuring Josh Matthews and Road Dogg Jesse James

–Triple H puppet

–Kevin Nash alter egos


–Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff

–The first televised WWE wedding


Santino’s Foreign Exchange, Episode 4:

–Santino thinks he’s the fifth member of The Beatles

–Santino interviews JTG

–Santino talks with Kaitlyn


WWE Inbox, Episode 4

–Best hair in the WWE — question answered by Tyler Reks, Tyson Kidd, Curt Hawkins, Yoshi Tatsu and Michael McGillicutty

–Dinner with any celebrity dead or alive — question answered by Dolph Ziggler, Beth Phoenix and Alex Riley

–Favorite WWE theme song of all time (apart from your own) — question answered by Curt Hawkins, Tyson Kidd, Tyler Reks and Michael McGillicutty (who says Mr. Perfect as his answer).

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