10 Thoughts On… Survivor: One World – Episode 3 Review

1. People often ask me about how to pick Survivor winners and how much is given away by the editing. Tonight’s episode was definitely a lesson in that regard. When the show opened, Jeff’s voiceover immediately discussed how the men have won everything which basically gave away that the women’s dominance is about to start. Sure enough, the women went on to win the next two challenges.

2. It was clear that Matt was leaving as soon as he seemed to be the initial one protesting about the women coming to warm up at the men’s fire. I didn’t think I would agree with what he was saying since Survivor is a social game but shockingly, I think he was in the right. Especially given the way the women were acting. Then there was his confessional about want to execute the power he has. Clearly, it was meant to make him look bad. BTW, I told you that he was in trouble last week.

3. The women were truly embarrassing this week. There are millions of people who want to play Survivor. I know I would give away basically anything for a chance to play. There was no need to go over to the men’s camp. What’s more baffling is their attitudes when they did go over there. Specifically Alicia. Her refusal to make a deal with the boat when they were asking the men for a favor made absolutely no sense.

4. The pairings in the immunity challenge were fascinating and gave a strong sense of who is with who with no attempt to hide alliances. Matt/Michael are/were a pair. So are Kim/Chelsea.

5. Sabrina’s performance in the immunity challenge was fantastic. With that being said, don’t discount the advantage (yes I said advantage and not disadvantage) the women had. They had the ability to look at the pieces Bill had already placed in the final puzzle. Did you notice how many times Christina was look over at the men’s puzzle? I am not saying that this is bad. Just that I believe they had an advantage instead of a disadvantage.

6. I really thought Chelsea was the femme fatale this season and I was shocked that she showed any vulnerability at all. She is completely gorgeous though. There is absolutely no way I could vote her off. Yes, I can admit it.

7. More foreshadowing about the feud between Bill/Colton? Most definitely.

8. Favorite line of the episode? When Tarzan said: “We’re talking strategies.” Doesn’t hide anything. Even said that Matt was interrupting!!!

9. I really do like Colton. I knew I would. I do think he made a mistake by saying he had an idol. There was no need to.

10. The men are finished.

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