Justice League Spoilers: Why Did Darkseid Come To Earth?

By this point it’s old news that the Justice League formed to stop Darkseid, I mean, come on, first arc of the top selling Justice League. Not a secret. But why did he come to Earth? It’s not a world with a giant superhuman population and he hasn’t mentioned the Anti-Life Equation at all. Really, in this issue he says more about his purpose than we had heard so far.

So who is she? At first I actually assumed it was Pandora, the mysterious red cloaked woman whom we saw in Flashpoint and the first issue of every new 52 book. Pandora who I knew was supposed to appear in this issue (and actually gets the backup story). Hell, I was expecting to maybe get some hint before the issue was over, but not some sort of full reveal, and it turns out I was right.

The next page reveals that Darkseid’s daughter is the target, and the reason why Darkseid’s armies never stop. He intends to find her, and nothing will stop him.

So now the million dollar question….who is Darkseid’s daughter?

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