Spoilers: What does Justice League #6 Tell Us About Pandora?

It is always a challenge for me to decide what to say about a comic and what not to say. I like my role as a tour guide of the comic book universe, but spoiling surprises for the reader is just unfair, so it’s always a delicate balance on what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.

Since I have been covering Pandora since day one of Relaunch, I felt it was important to post this. If you don’t want to be spoiled, TURN BACK NOW!

So in the backup of Justice League 6, we finally get to see Pandora take on a bigger role and see what she’s all about. One of my favorite characters, The Phantom Stranger has tracked her down to DC Relaunch’s reality. He learn that a mysterious Circle of Eternity wants Pandora to stop her actions. They even have considered sending the Spectre after her. Pretty sure this is the first mention Spectre and Phantom Strange have gotten in Relaunch:

It seems that powerful beings like Stranger and Pandora have been ordered to watch but not interfere (like Marvel’s Watcher).  We also found out that Pandora was the one who rewrote reality, in an attempt to strengthen it.

Seems that a third powerful being is on the loose causing some havoc, and Pandora refuses to sit back and watch it. She implies that her touch has some kind of horrifying effect, but we never find out what that is.

The issue ends with Pandora threatening to tell the world secrets that Phantom Stranger doesn’t want them to know, and that she will seek the Justice League’s help in stopping “The Strange”…whether they like it or not.

Lots to digest here, a lot more questions that answers, but definitely exciting stuff!

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