The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes – Episode 5 Review – “Power Rankings”

For a brief moment during last night’s episode of Battle Of The Exes, I actually thought that I would have a new #1 in my power ranking of the teams.

It seemed like the powerhouse of Johnny/Camila finally started to bicker, starting with Camila acting out at a club and then carrying on into a full-out display of crazy at the house. I think that her tantrum was because she didn’t get any sense of commitment from her partner but it clearly came out of nowhere and after she threw some chairs around and decided to dive into the pool in a drunken stupor, Johnny sent his second-in-command, Paula to clean up the mess.

The episode centered around three relationships:

Johnny and Camila got into it after Camila got completely wasted but I think this was used primarily just to deflect attention away from their inevitable place in the finals.

Abram and Cara Maria’s relationship was also highlighted. It started with Cara Maria asking Abram to move in with her and then apparently postponing the offer until they are more settled.

While Ty and Paula aren’t teammates, they were also featured as I believe they are the producers’ only chance at a showmance this season.

The challenge involves the team jumping across the mast of a boat with both team members having to land on a disc at the same time before jumping to the next. What’s new? Another height challenge. Shockingly, Mark and Robin pull out the victory over Johnny and Camila. Who knew Mark could carry Robin to a win over guys like Johnny and CT?! For their poor performance, Abram and Cara Maria are sent immediately into the Dome.

I was actually quite shocked when Mark and Robin decided to throw Ty and Emily into the Dome. I expected Mark to still harbor ill feelings toward Rachel trying to get Johnny and Camila to nominate him the week before. So I was pretty stunned by the choice (although, in hindsight, I guess I shouldn’t have been).

Let’s get to the power rankings.




Johnny Bananas & Camila
I genuinely thought that I would finally have a new #1 team when Johnny and Camila started fighting at the top of the episode. The thing is, that they still managed to finish second in the challenge and seemed to have made peace by the end of the episode. More importantly, I really don’t think any of the other teams have the guts to nominate them.


Mark & Robin
Finally earning “Power Couple” status launches Mark and Robin into the #2 position. While I didn’t think Robin was very athletic, I was surprised to see how well she did in the Challenge and I think that this team has the potential to pull off a major upset. Mark looks like he is made out of stone and is clearly employing a lot of his reality tv expertise with his interpersonal relationships on the show. While people don’t want to put Johnny/Camila up out of fear for the repercussions, people don’t want to put Mark/Robin up because they genuinely like them.




CT & Diem
Didn’t really do anything noteworthy in this episode so not much to say except that Diem is stunningly perfect.



Dunbar & Paula
Part of Johnny’s plan.




Ty & Emily
Another strong performance in the Dome. With that being said, I just see them being sent in over and over again until someone gets rid of them (if anyone can). Ty beating Abram was a shocker and shows that he has really improved since his last Challenge.




Aneesa & Rachel
They are finished. Not enough allies and I can’t see them beating any of the remaining teams.


Can’t wait for the next one!

The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes airs Wednesdays at 10 pm on MTV & MTV Canada

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