TNA Impact Wrestling X Division Champion Austin Aries Calls out Sting for Booking Himself in the Main Event at Victory Road PPV

TNA Impact Wrestling has turned an anti-Sting tweet by X Division champion Austin Aries into an actual angle that will likely play out over the next couple of weeks.

Aries originally tweeted, “I guess ‘I’m done’ is code for ‘I’m booking myself in another PPV main event.’ Yet the X Division champ can’t sniff a main event… #Shocker.”

Aries — who is currently feuding with Alex Shelley at the moment — then pulled the tweet and said, “Apparently this straw over-stirred the drink.” He also had “No comment” when asked by about Sting.

In response, Sting replied, “Tension building. Goal accomplished. #whining ? #winning.”

CB’s Slant: I have a feeling Aries’ originally tweet was an out-of-character comment and TNA asked him to pull it down. Once that happened, however, TNA Creative must have changed their mind about the whole thing and realized that they might as well run with it.

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Source: PW Torch