Wednesday Comments – Avengers vs X-Men

I wish I could feign interest in Avengers vs X-Men, but I can’t. I’m not looking forward to the event. Not in the slightest.

Obviously, I’m a DC dude, so there’s some bias involved, but I’m also a comic book fan. And while I’m vaguely intrigued what would make these two teams draw a line in the sand and dare each other to cross it, the whole thing really just feels like more of a headache than it’s worth.

For one thing it’s going to be a huge event with plenty of ancillary books to catch up on the action that spills out of the main book. So following the complete story could be a costly endeavor. But it’s a story designed to drive up sales, so I guess that’s to be expected.

Of course another reason I’m not terribly interested in Avenges vs X-Men is that I don’t read either book. I’ve literally got nothing invested in it. I suppose I’m on the side of the X-men because I read X-Factor and I’m guessing that’s the side that they’ll be falling on. But who knows; Peter David can be crafty with the curveball every so often.

Speaking of X-Factor, that’s another reason why Avenges vs X-Men is annoying; it’s bound to crossover into that book which I love so much and muck things up. While I understand that part of the allure of a shared universe is that when things happen in one book, they’re felt in another title. And usually that’s awesome, except when those events mess up the flow of a book that’s not really tied into the big thing.

Case in point; when Rictor got his powers back, it didn’t happen in X-Factor. It happened in some Children’s Crusade title. So one month I’m reading X-Factor and Rictor’s still slightly bitter about not having any powers. The next issue of X-Factor, Rictor is front and center leading the charge with his restored powers.

Given that Marvel is promising that Avengers vs X-Men will have wide reaching effects and change the Marvel Universe forever, I’m guessing that it’s going to have some ramifications with my favorite ragtag bunch of mutants. I’m anticipating hating those changes.

To be fair, this isn’t my first rodeo with a Mighty Marvel crossover. For both Secret Invasion and Civil War I followed the minis. Secret Invasion was the one that sort of set in my event fatigue, but I rather enjoyed Civil War. I liked how personal it was for the characters involved.

But that another reason why Avengers vs X-Men makes me cringe. Once again you’ve got heroes vs heroes. Once again Marvel is asking readers to pick a side. Once again, for the second time in five years you’ve got popular characters fighting each other. Avengers vs X-Men just feels like it’s been done before.

And with Civil War, I was kind of invested storywise. With Avengers vs X-Men, I’ve got no idea what’s going on or why. Maybe I’ll change my mind by the time I learn more, or maybe my resentment will fester to the point where I’ll want nothing to do with it.

I get that Marvel is trying to steal the spotlight from DC. The DC Comics Relaunch was a success and Marvel wanted to get some attention for themselves. And it’s worked. The press is covering the story and getting shops to “pick a side” and send them promotional material is certainly going to win some favor with the fans. And I’m equally sure that I’ll be a success in terms of sales.

But it just feels to me, like Marvel is getting back on the “huge event” merry-go-round what never seems to end. I’m betting there’ll be an event that spins out of Avengers vs X-Men which will in turn spin into something else.

And for me at least, I’m saying “enough already.”

But again, I could completely change my mind by the time the thing actually hits the stands.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday, you should stop reading this, go buy some new comics and read them.

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