UFC on FX: Thiago Alves vs. Martin Kampmann Live Results and Play by Play

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Live from Sydney, Australia, the UFC presents UFC on FX: Alves vs. Kampmann from the Allphones Arena. The main card begins at 9 PM ET on FX, with our coverage beginning at 6 PM ET with the FUEL TV preliminary card.

In the main event of the evening, Thiago Alves faces off against Martin Kampmann in a welterweight battle that could have title implications in the near future. The UFC Flyweight tournament begins with Joseph Benavidez taking on Yasuhiro Urushitani and Demetrious Johnson fighting Ian McCall as Zuffa looks to establish the division right away with two top flight bantamweights dropping down to meet the #1 and #3 ranked flyweights in the world

Preliminary card (Fuel TV)

Mackens Semerzier vs. Daniel Pineda

Round 1: Pineda stalks Mackens early but eats a strong leg kick . Pineda with a wild combination that connects and Mackens into the clinch to stop, Mackens against the cage. Reverses position and then retreats away. Pieneda with a nice combination and a wild trade ends with a strong knee from Mackens. Pineda takes a low kick south of the border and short break in action. Pineda back and drops Mackens a with a left hook, gets mount and locks in a triangle. Switches to an armbar and Mackens Senerzier taps at 2:00 of the first round.

Daniel Pineda winner by submission (triangle armbar) at 2:00 of the first round

TJ Waldburger vs. Jake Hecht

Round 1: Wild exchange to start as Waldburger with a couple of solid strikes. Hectht is looking to counter and Walburger gets the takedown and sinks an armbar in. Hecht tries to whizzer out of it but Waldburger locks it in really deep. Hecht has no choice but to tap at :55 of the first round.

TJ Waldburger wins via submission (armbar) at :55 of the first round.

Kyle Noke vs. Andrew Craig

Round 1: Round 1: Noke with a wild right and gets the takedown to start. Craig back up but Noke in a front headlock to control. He uses the cage to grab rear but can’t complete the choke, Craig fights his back to standing and Noke tries to drag him back down. Can’t but lands a couple of big knees from the rear, second attempt at a slam is successful. Looks for the rear naked choke and can’t finish. Tries for the body triangle and can’t lock it in, Craig goes to full guard. Craig with a very loose triangle attempt, Noke defending well. Loses it as Noke with a big strike from top. Couple of big elbows from Noke land flush as he attempts to side control. Craig is doing a good job keeping Noke from getting a better position. He stands up and Noke presses him back against the cage, Craig looks for the takedown but can’t finish. Back to the center of his cage. Some strikes from both miss, front kick lands strong by Noke and a wide hook from Craig misses. Noke presses with a jab, checks a high kick from Craig. Wild exchange won by Craig but he’s tentative and doesn’t press. Body kick from Noke connects and round ends with some light striking exchanges between the two. 10-9 Noke

Round 2: Craig is winning the position game early on and lands an outside leg kick. Noke lands one of his own and neither is throwing anything substantive. Inside leg kick from Noke and Craig is doing a great job at keeping him in rage. Lands a big uppercut and another combination. Noke lands a couple lead lefts of his own and grabs a high single leg but Craig is landing some big shots against the cage. Craig gets the takedown and is in half guard, switched to an open full guard of Noke. Craig is trying to hit some strikes but can’t quite connect. Couple of short elbows land, though, but Noke is doing a good job of defending from bottom. Noke looks for a triangle but is not tight enough and Craig postures out of it. Position struggle now as Noke is doing a great job of keeping craig from doing anything. Stands up and lets Noke back up to his feet. Nice combination from Noke connects, big body kick. Noke slips and Craig lands in half guard. Round ends with Craig unable to do anything. 10-9 Craig, 19-19 overall

Round 3: Craig starts out pushing the pace and landing some light work. Big combination from Noke and a front push kick. Noke slips but Craig waits for him to get back up. Craig with a good overhand right, exchange and Craig with another big right. Noke with another single but can’t finish, Craig with a number of short punches and elbows. Wild right from Noke misses but goes for another single leg against the fence with Craig. Craig is defending well but Noke gets him down. Craig looking for a kimura from bottom but can’t finish. Craig wall walks back up and we’re back in the middle of the cage. Craig looks to be in significantly better shape as Noke appears to be fading. Body kick from Noke is countered by a left from Craig. Big overhand misses from Noke misses and Craig connects. Power double from Craig takes Noke against the cage. Noke looking to wall walk and Noke looks for an armbar, can’t finish. Noke moves to his knees and Craig gets the back, Noke looks to roll for a kneebar but can’t complete it. Craig ends the round with some ground and pound. 10-9 Craig, 29-28 Craig

Official Decision: 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 Andrew Craig by Unanimous Decision

Cole Miller vs. Steven Siler

Round 1: Both come out with some tentative strikes that don’t connect, Siler throwing a combination that doesn’t land completely. Miller goes for the clinch and Siler reverses, then Miller reverses. Both are looking for a body lock; Siler with a nice knee to the body and then spins away an dback to the center of the cage. Siler catches a body kick and lands a big right hook, Miller to the ground but Siler lets him back up. Siler with a solid outside leg kick and then one to the body; neither guy is throwing too often as they’re both trying to find their range. Siler with a nice right and then a followup leg kick to the thigh of Miller. Right hand from Miller and clinch ends up with Siler pressing Miller against the cage. He circles out of it though and back to standing, Siler misses with a flurry. Big right from Miller that Siler walks through, leg kick checked. Nice outside leg kick from Miller as well. Miller goes for the clinch again and can’t connect with it, Siler with one of his own and gets up against the cage. Siler connects with a nice combination after eating a big body shot. Nice combination as Miller is stunned. He stalks him down and lands a number of strikes but Miller recovers nicely. Siler with a takedown and has an arm only guillotine in but can’t finish it as the round ends. 10-9 Siler

Round 2: Siler starts the round with some nice combinations, wild exchange against the cage that Siler wins. Miller grabs the clinch and grabs Siler against the cage but can’t quite get him down. Siler’s doing a good job with his footwork to keep standing. Miller is looking for a trip but can’t finish it early, gets it but Siler back up to his feet. Siler grabs the Thai clinch and lands a knee, back to Miller’s clinch as they battle for cage position. Siler backs off and lands three straight jabs and then a nice combination. Siler is picking his spots as Miller looks to be rocked a little bit. Miller responds with a nice uppercut and then a nice combination. Nice exchange from the two as Siler gets against the cage. Siler with a nice combination and Miller with a nice body shot. Siler lands another good combination. Siler and Miller are throwing a lot of punches now but not connecting with much flush. Miller with a nice overhead right after Siler lands a strong body shot. Siler with a nice uppercut and gets Miller against the cage, Miller reverses position and then Siler. Siler with a nice knee and then a takedown attempt that can’t finish. Miller looking for the trip takedown out of the clinch and can’t finish. Round ends with Siler stalking him down but nothing landing. 10-9 Siler, 20-18 Siler

Round 3: Siler comes out aggressive again as he’s countering Miller well. Siler with a nice body combination as Miller goes for the clinch again but Siler defends well, eats some body shots backing out. Siler lands a nice combination and Miller swings wildly and misses. Miller with a couple of nice straights that Siler eats flush but walks through. Siler presses forward with some strikes but can’t connect, takedown from Siler that doesn’t land. Looks like Miller eye poked Siler slightly but ref doesn’t stop it, nice front kick from Miller. Miller grabs the Thai clinch but doesn’t do anything with it, Siler and Miller circle off the cage. Another wild combination goes nowhere and Miller goes for the clinch takedown again. Miller landing some strikes against the cage and grabs a takedown, landing in mount after half guard initially. Miller lands some big strikes from the top and Miller is going for broke . Siler defends well and round ends with Miller on top. 10-9 Miller, 29-28 Siler

Official Decision: 29-28 Steven Siler by Unanimous decision

Anthony Perosh vs. Nick Penner

Round 1: Penner comes out aggressive but doesn’t hit anything. Perosh with a nice right straight that connects but doesn’t hit hard. Perosh with a couple nice straights but a takedown attempt goes nowhere. Penner catches him with a big left coming in. Both men are throwing early and often, Penner with a big bruise under an eye, and Perosh with a takedown from a body lock. Penner in open guard and Penner reverses, stands up and gets away. Nice scissor sweep there. Perosh eats a left but grabs the clinch, Penner is bleeding now. Perosh with another go for a takedown but can’t finish. Has udnerhooks against the cage, though, but can’t finish it. Penner reverses and moves away, Perosh with a nice knee to the mid section. Perosh goes for a double, switches to a single and runs the pipe on the single and gets him down into half guard. Perosh with some nice elbows as he tries to transition into side control. Grabs mount and starts to unload on him. Has a great position in mount as Penner is just defending at this point. Goes for a head arm triangle, Penner looks for the counter and back into mount. Ref stops via TKO at 4:59 of the first round for Anthony Perosh.

James Te Huna vs. Aaron Rosa

Round 1: Huna with a light kick to the inside early on but not a lot of action early on. Rosa is trying to establish his reach with a double jab. Wild exchange as both throw until Huna goes for the double, can’t quite connect. Rosa against the cage as Huna works the pummel. Both are using some light body shots but nothing of note is happening. Big combination from Huna as he lands some wildly powerful shots. Rosa is bleeding from under the left eye as he’s ROCKED right now. Huna lands some massive shots and Rosa buckles. Rosa goes down and Huna pounds him out until the fight is stopped 2:09 into the first.

Main card (Live on FX)

Court McGee vs. Constantinos Philippou

Round 1: McGee uses his footwork early to corner Philippou against the cage. McGee throws a couple wild hands going for the takedown but doesn’t get close to Philippou’s legs for the double leg it looked like he was going for. Striking exchange and Philippou lands a nice combination. Philippou with a nice uppercut and a left hook, goes for the takedown but can’t finish. McGee misses a wild right as Philippou backs out. Nice overhand right connects, partially, for McGee, as does a body kick to the same side. McGee is working a really tight stance with his boxing, hands really close inside, as he seems to want to set up a combination with a jab but is waiting to fire it off. Philippou with a nice combination that starts with an uppercut but can’t quite connect on. McGee is dropping his head down and Philippou is leading with that uppercut because McGee’s chin is open for it. Nice combination lands and then another as Philippou seems to have found his range well. McGee is being the aggressor but Philippou is landing more and better strikes. Switch kick from McGee hits hands. McGee goes for the double, blocked, but hit’s a nice left hook that lands flush. McGee with a nice left hook that lands flush and wobbles Philippou but not enough time to capitalize on it. McGee 10-9

Round 2: Nice left hook from Philippou to start as both are really head hunting with that punch. Wild exchange but Philippou lands a bit more solidly on it. McGee tries to get inside for the clinch but Philippou blocks. Philippou with a nice right hand; his footwork is compensating now for McGee’s; he’s started to figure out McGee’s movement. Another exchange but misses because Philippou is moving really well right now. McGee circles in and goes for the double leg but Philippou defends it well, McGee can’t finish it. Philippou with a nice strike; switch kick from McGee. McGee goes for the clinch but Philippou unloads with a pair of great strikes. McGee grabs the clinch and gets Philippou against the cage, nice short elbow lands. Another takedown attempt goes nowhere for McGee. Uppercut from Philippou as Philippou has figured out his timing right now. Another uppercut lands as Philippou is countering well, spinning elbow from McGee misses wildly. Philippou catches him with a couple nice punches, round ends on an exchange. Philippou 10-9, 19-19 overall

Round 3: McGee goes for another double but can’t quite finish. He’s really pressing for the double as he’s pressuring Philippou to getting it to the mat. Low kick and Philippou takes a groin kick by accident. Philippou gets a break. Come back and McGee gets a slam off a single leg. Philippou gets right up though. Philippou shoves McGee to the ground on a McGee takedown attempt. Nice head kick is partially blocked by Philippou. Outside leg kick from McGee is responded to with a nice left from Philippou. Wheel kick hits air, McGee with a nice body shot. McGee is pushing the pace now as Philippou is reacting more than he’s acting against McGee. McGee pushes the pace some more but Philippou is defending everything he’s throwing really well. Philippou is getting the better of exchanges but McGee is pressing the pace more. Spinning back fist partially connects. Round ends with the two missing some exchanges. 10-9 McGee, 29-28 McGee

Official Decision: 29-28 Philippou by UD

Demetrious Johnson vs. Ian McCall

Round 1: Johnson with a nice early leg kick as these guys are moving remarkably fast. Johnson is wading in with kicks and McCall is looking to counter with combinations. Wild exchange and McCall grabs the clinch and gets the takedown into half guard. McCall pushes the knee down and is looking to pass or get into mount and Johnson defends solidly. Johnson initiates the scramble and lands on McCall, who stands up and both are on their feet. Nice flurry from Johnson and McCall responds in kind. Goes for a throw and McCall defends well. Johnson is darting in and out with strikes but gets caught on a leg kick as McCall takes him down. Johnson scrambles out. Johnson darts in and out again and McCall counters with a nice straight. Nice spin kick from Johnson hit’s the body. McCall defends a single well but Johnson catches him with a great right. Johnson presses him against the cage and a wild exchange from the two. Johnson grabs the single but can’t quite finish it. McCall presses with a couple of nice straight rights. Both are throwing a lot of strikes but not connecting with a high percentage. Round ends with the two in the middle of the cage, still trying to find their range, McCall 10-9

Round 2: Some light striking as Johnson goes for a single, can’t finish but lands a terrific combination on McCall. McCall with one of his own and Johnson backs off. McCall with some nice outside leg kicks as, darts in but Johnson lands with his right hand. McCall and Johnson are playing the position game as McCall is getting Johnson where he wants. McCall lands south of the border HARD and Johnson looks to be in a lot of pain. He recovers quickly, though. Johnson with a nice power strike and tries to get inside but McCall is doing a terrific job keeping him at bay. Another wild exchange that Johnson gets the better of. McCall gets the better of an exchange. McCall going to the body with some leg kicks, Johnson responding with leg kicks to the outside. McCall goes for a double but can’t finish, Johnson gets him against the cage but can’t finish. McCall with some great knees and Johnson backs off. Another exchange as McCall is willing to eat Johnson’s leg kicks as he goes for some power punches. McCall gets the clinch against the cage as Johnson is defending it well. Johnson with a nice body kick and McCall goes for a takedown, Johnson defending it well. Johnson presses McCall against the cage and then backs off. 10-9 Johnson, 19-19 overall. An exceptionally close round, though.

Round 3: Both start out with some leg strikes that miss. Leg kicks hit at the same time as McCall is starting to get Johnson’s speed down. Johnson with some great combinations. McCall with the clinch against the cage but can’t finish the takedown. McCall backs off and Johnson does the same in kind, again can’t complete the takedown. Flying knee and McCall gets the takedown, lands into half guard. McCall working out of half guard with some nice strikes. Johnson initiates the scramble and we’re back to the feet. McCall ducks under and SLAMS Johnson to the ground. McCall has his back and is landing strikes en masse. Johnson is flattened out and McCall is unloading on him. Johnson is in survival mode right now. McCall exits rear mount and into rear back control, tries to slam Johnson but can’t finish it. Back to their feet with 90 seconds left. Nice leg kick from Johnson as he swarms. McCall goes for the double, can’t finish it but manages to get the takedown anyway. McCall back into half guard and then into full mount. McCall is teeing off and Johnson isn’t defending himself as McCall is going wild with strikes. Shocked the fight wasn’t stopped. 10-8 McCall, 29-27 McCall

Official Decision: 29-28 McCall, 29-28 Johnson and 29-28 Johnson … Johnson by Split Decision

Absolutely horrible decision and the crowd responds accordingly. Johnson is all class in victory, though, and the crowd seems to come back in his favor. But by the end they’re chanting something that has to be censored so not nearly as much as the UFC would want.

Joseph Benavidez vs. Yasuhiro Urushitani

Round 1: Benavidez comes out with some leg kicks as Urushitani looks to be gauging his speed. He’s looking to time Benavidez on the counter and a couple of nice exchanges between the two don’t land strongly. Nice double jab from Benavidez, nice combination that lands. Urushitani lands a nice right hook as Benavidez weighs in, Benavidez presses him against the cage. Arm drag from Benavidez almost gets the takedown but doesn’t quite connect. Benavidez bull rushes Urushitani back to the cage again and is looking to transition to a high crotch single. Can’t quite finish as Urushitani is defending it well. Urushitani down to one knee and then finally down. In half guard, Benavidez is working for position but not striking. Urushitani rolls to his side to set up the scramble but can’t move out. Benavidez moves into side control and locks in a guillotine but can’t finish. Grabs full mount and Urushitani rolls to his back. Benavidez is looking for a choke but Urushitani is playing wrist control. Rear naked choke gets in, Urushitani trying to survive and does. 10-9 Benavidez.

Round 2: Benavidez catches him early on a faked shot turned into a powerful counter right hand, Urushitani collapses to the ground and Benavidez unleashes hell and at :11 seconds the ref stops the fight. Benavidez wins via TKO at :11 of the second round.

Thiago Alves vs. Martin Kampmann

Round 1: Alves is stalking Kampmann early on and a couple of light exchanges as Alves is working on the legs early. Kampmann goes for the single leg, high crotch, and Alves is against the cage. Kampmann lets go of the leg but manages to get him down, Alves stands up out of it quickly though. Kampmann lands a big shot and Alves is hurt. Kampmann gets a trip takedown against the cage and lands in half guard. Stands up in a guillotine and lands a big knee to the chin. Alves is back in it but has taken some major damage early. He’s already cut, too. Kampmann puts Alves back against the cage but circle away. Another single leg attempt and Alves gets the takedown, landing in half guard. Alves is bleeding all over him. Kampmann is in an open guard and sits up, Alves into half guard with a beautiful guard pass. Kampmann gets back into half guard. Alves gets into full mount but it’s not especially tight. Alves is looking to posture as he lands a nice short elbow. Alves is landing some short strikes as he’s smothering Kampmann really well. Round ends as Kampmann escapes by initiating the scramble. 10-9 Alves

Round 2: Alves opens with a nice head kick that is partially blocked. Alves with some nice striking as Kampmann is willing to take some punches to grab that clinch and go for the takedown. Another wild double leg attempt comes up empty for Kampmann as the crowd has gotten behind him. Kampmann tries to push him against the cage but Alves circles away. Kampmann with a nice knee to the face but it doesn’t land especially well. A nice combination lands followed by a beautiful left hook from Alves. Alves is doing a great job using his footwork to keep Kampmann at bay as Kampmann is being far more aggressive than normal. Double leg attempt is sunk deep but Alves was close enough to the fence to block. Alves fights it off and they circle back to the cage. Kampmann with a nice leg kick as Kampmann is starting to back off when Alves shows he’s going for a leg kick. Nice exchange from the two as Alves lands a right flush. Kampmann is bleeding as well now. Alves is beating Kampmann to the punch quickly as Alves has his timing down right now. Kampmann pushes his back against the cage but can’t finish the takedown as the round ends. 10-9 Alves, 20-18 Alves

Round 3: Some light striking exchanges and Kampmann goes for the takedown again. Has a body lock against the cage but Alves is defending it really well. Kampmann bails and we’re back to the center of the cage. Kampmann presses some more and grabs the Thai clinch, lands some nice shots and gets him against the cage again. Alves defending it well as Kampmann lands a solid knee to the midsection. Kampmann is being far more aggressive this round as he’s pushing the pace. He knows he’s probably behind on the scorecards and is trying to win the third. Alves is hitting some nice leg kick to the front leg of Kampmann, though. Alves is playing the counter punching game now as Kampmann is getting far less disciplined in his striking than he usually is. Another double leg turned body lock takedown attempt but can’t finish it. Nice leg kick from Alves, again. Leg kick gets caught from Kampamnn and Alves goes for the double, gets it but Kampmann has a tight guillotine. Alves taps at 4:12 of the third round. What a comeback!