WWE Applies For Controversial New Trademark

WWE has federally petitioned use of a new trademark for merchandising…


The assumption is that this is purely related to the controversial line of t-shirts WWEShop.com released this past week (which you can view below).


Quick Quip:During my stint with the WWE, there was a strong push for more backstage content. Thus the short lived WWE.com Unlimited show was born. If you are not familiar with it, WWE would tape “live” segments to air on their website during the commercial breaks of Monday Night Raw. In one such segment, Todd Grisham was scripted to ask how Triple H felt about the “finish” of the match he had just competed in. The intent of using this word was to describe the fact that Triple H had indeed been cheated out of a win and was unhappy about. Purely storyline. The segment aired once live on the website before having to be completely re-shot the second McMahon & Kevin Dunn heard the word “finish” uttered on a pro-wrestling show. That production assistant was fired and Grisham was sent to a doghouse that he arguably never really got out of. Now they are a line of “smark” t-shirts in order to capitalize on such trends like Twitter, shoot interviews and “reality” booking. Obviously I feel somewhat strongly about this topic & not only because that fired PA was a friend of mine.


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Source: PWInsider.com