Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE Raw 3.5.12 (Shawn Michaels, Triple H, The Undertaker, The Rock, John Cena)


– Time to get to work!

– Interesting way to kick off Raw and like the way Shawn is REALLY getting involved into this feud instead of being an afterthought last year.

– The “Triple Threat” chant was fantastic. It’ll never happen but it was great.

– Feels like we’ll be seeing HHH/Taker start Raw, Jericho/Punk at the top of the next hour and then Rock/Cena to close the show. It’s nice to see them have enough material to fill a show like this.

– FINALLY! HBK special referee. Thank God!

– Fantastic beginning to Monday Night Raw. Between the HHH/HBK exchange and WWE capitalizing on Santino’s popularity with a US title reign, I can barely keep up!

– I thought the exact same damn thing when I saw that garden gnome on WWEShop.com months ago. So ridiculous.

– That Rock promo brought back MANY memories of 2000’s era Rock.

– Holy pop for Zack Ryder! That’s all he needed to do and the place went nuts.

– This has been a great episode of Raw thus far.

– Someone needs to slap poor Zack.

– Has anyone ever seen John Cena not in his “ring gear”? I feel like he’s always wearing knee pads.

– I’m sorry but that was a pretty poor and generic promo from Cena. Cole and Lawler helped sell it a bit afterwards but it just wasn’t enough after last week.

– Nice finish to a great tag match on Raw. I did not expect them to make Punk seemed frustrated or weak leading up to WrestleMania but it’s working.

– Notes or no notes. Writer or no writer. The Rock is an absolute once-in-a-lifetime performer and we’re all lucky enough to experience him.

– I’m curious to actually see what’s happening with last year’s main eventer, The Miz. Does anyone else notice the similar graphics of Cody’s Big Show videos and the old Goldust ones?

– Scotty Goldman’s picture in picture promos were much better.

– Kane vs Randy Orton at WrestleMania? But the show was getting SO GOOD!

– Has Kane REALLY beaten anyone since his return besides Zack Ryder?

– Booed outta Boston again, Cena.

– “Knee pads” line? Is Cena checking out IP or CreativelyEndeavored.com backstage? Weird…

– The Rock’s music is just plan stellar. By far one of the best Jim Johnson has EVER come up with.

– They are REALLY blurring the lines of shoot and script between Rock & Cena. They might be best friends backstage but on camera they are tearing down the house.

– Did I just see that the Rock and Cena are going to have a Battle of the Bands next week?! That could potentially be amazing!

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