Triple H WWE Contract Details Revealed — Minimum Guaranteed Income, Number of Appearances, More

Corey Erdman of the Aftermath Blog posted a story on Triple H’s new WWE Contract that came into effect as of January 1st, 2012. In the report are some noteworthy items such as Triple H’s minimum guaranteed income, his required number of appearances, and more.

Erdman writes:

First, Triple H will be going to work a lot less often than you will this year. Below is the passage indicating how often the future Hall of Famer will be contractually obligated to appear:

(b) PROMOTER agrees that it will use commercially reasonably efforts to limit the number of pay-per-views, non-televised live events and shows taped or broadcast live for television (“Dates”) each year of the Term that WRESTLER will perform his wrestling services for or on behalf of PROMOTER; provided however, that WRESTLER shall not be required by PROMOTER to perform his wrestling services beyond a maximum of one hundred eighty (180) Dates per year (i.e., no more than fifteen (15) Dates per month) of the Term. The parties must mutually agree before WRESTLER will perform wrestling services beyond one hundred eighty (180) Dates in any year of the Term, or beyond fifteen (15) Dates per month.

If you’re a Triple H fan, don’t get your hopes up. Read carefully. The maximum amount of dates that he has to appear at is 180, and/or 15 per month. That absolutely doesn’t mean that he’ll be present at that many WWE events in 2012. In fact, he could appear at none whatsoever if that is what is asked of him, or if he were to be injured.

What would happen if he did nothing at all? He’d still make a million dollars.

7.1 (a) Unless terminated pursuant to the terms herein, PROMOTER shall pay WRESTLER each Contract Year the total sum of One Million US Dollars ($1,000,000.00) (referred to hereinafter as “Minimum Annual Compensation”). PROMOTER agrees, commencing with the Effective Date, to pay WRESTLER the Minimum Annual Compensation in fifty-two (52) weekly installments consistent with PROMOTER’s regular payment procedures.

Now, Triple H could be fined and lose money from that guarantee in different ways, but as the contract goes on to state, he will also make an undisclosed additional amount for his appearances.
When he does appear, he’ll have to pay for his own tights, suits, tight t-shirts, tape and water bottles that he’ll spit the contents of. However, he’ll arrive at those events in rather grand fashion:

9.3 WRESTLER shall be responsible for providing all costumes, wardrobe, props, and make-up necessary for the performance of WRESTLER’s services at any Event and WRESTLER shall bear all costs incurred in connection with his transportation to and from any such Events (except for those transportation costs which are covered by PROMOTER’s then current Travel Policy), as well as the costs of food consumed and hotel lodging utilized by WRESTLER in connection with his appearance at such Events. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, PROMOTER agrees to pay for all airline travel expenses incurred in connection with WRESTLER’s performance of his services hereunder for or on behalf of PROMOTER. To that end, PROMOTER agrees to provide WRESTLER with “First Class” round-trip airfare in connection with the performance of services hereunder on all flights originating and ending within the United States and Canada, and round-trip business international class airfare on all flights in connection with the performance of services hereunder which originate and/or end anywhere outside the United States and Canada.

If you think that’s luxurious though, The Cerebral Assassin can also choose to sleep whenever he wants! (If you’re not down with that…)

(b) WRESTLER shall establish his own method of physical conditioning, shall select time for conditioning, duration of conditioning and form of conditioning. WRESTLER shall select time for sleep, time for eating, and time for other activities. WRESTLER shall select his own foods, vitamins and other ingested items, excepting illegal and/or controlled substances and drugs.

CB’s Slant: The song Good Life by One Republic currently comes to mind.

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Source: Aftermath Blog