Harvey Weinstein’s Bully Gets New Trailer

Harvey Weinstein’s Bully has been in a bit of a dispute with the MPAA over its R-rating. Weinstein wants it at a PG-13, the better to market towards families for whom it’d do the most good. The MPAA is holding fast at R. Yahoo! Movies has a trailer about the film available.

Plot Summary: Bully follows five families over the course of a year to show how bullying has affected their lives. There’s the Smalley family from Oklahoma whose 11-year-old son was pushed to suicide by the intense abuse he endured at school on a daily basis. Then there’s Ja’meya, a 14-year-old who—after endless harassment on her hour-long bus ride each day—sought revenge by bringing a loaded handgun to defend herself. Finally there’s kids still dealing with their tormentors, who attack them physically and verbally with a truly shocking relentlessness. Yet Bully isn’t meant to be a tragedy, but an eye-opening call for social change.