Justice League International Spoilers: Major Roster Shakeups! Who Dies?

When you think of ways to take apart a super team it generally involves super villains, or traitors, or some random act of super misunderstanding. Pretty much super powers against super powers, and a team winds up crumbling. It’s the easiest way to do it, it works. It’s not what Dan Jurgens did with the JLI.

The team is in utter shambles, with only Booster, Guy, Batman, August General, and Godiva in any sort of reasonable shape.

Fire is in a coma.

Vixen suffered spinal damage, she may never walk again.

Ice has multiple fractures in both legs, not to discount the internal injuries.

Rocket Red, as well as Andre Briggs and Emerson Esposito (the liaisons from the UN to the JLI) are all dead.

All because someone set off a bomb and then sent in a super villain to keep everyone off balance after the fact. The villain, Lightweaver, goes after Booster after everything else, but Booster is saved by someone who I can only presume to be the newest member of the JLI.


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