The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes – Episode 6 Review – “Power Rankings”

Johnny and Camila’s domination on Battle Of The Exes, is one of the most impressive accomplishments I have seen on reality television.

It is appearing more and more like there is no way that they can lose. The last time they lost the Power Couple face-off to Mark & Robin, I almost feel like it was by choice so that they wouldn’t have to nominate anybody to put in the Dome.

This week’s challenge asked the teams to split off by gender and then roll a gigantic ball up a slicked hill. There were only a certain number of balls and so people would be eliminate each round. Think Wipeout meets musical chairs.

Since the lesbians would both compete with the females, Aneesa and Rachel had a clear advantage. Unfortunately, Rachel’s thirst for victory made her forget Aneesa’s plan to team up and eliminate Camila and give them their best odds of winning. It was a really bad decision. With the guys side being a cakewalk for Johnny and CT, it came down to a showdown between Diem and Camila to decide the week’s power couple and with the epic failure of Camiligate, Johnny and his partner secured the top spot.

The most interesting part of the episode for me was how well Diem performed. It is clear that she has been holding back. It’s a solid decision strategically as there is nothing to gain by making the other teams apprehensive about her strength. She has not been in any danger as it is clear that CT and Johnny have teamed up so there really has been no sense in winning.

Unfortunately, the silver-medal performance from CT/Diem did not prevent them from getting into an epic fight at a club after the challenge where many personal attacks were made. They hurled insults at each other and by the time the episode ended, Diem was a shell of her former self, crying in a heap on the floor. We saw another glimpse of Dr. Paula as she was trying to calm her down and I have learned that there were a lot of things that we didn’t see.

Because of their last-place finish, Dunbar/Paula were given a ticket to the Dome while Ty/Emily and Aneesa/Rachel were given a standby by Captain Johnny as he had to decide who was boarding the flight. Paula played on her friendship with him and guilted what he did to her on The Island (it is appearing more and more like that was the best season of the Challenge and one of the few I didn’t get to see). Johnny threw in Rachel/Aneesa and this came as a surprise to me because I thought it might have been smarter strategically to go with Ty/Emily. Of course putting them in could be a bad decision as it might have resulted in result in Johnny’s allies being sent home if they had lost.

In the end, Paula and Dunbar were victorious sending Aneesa/Rachel home (just like I told you last week).





Johnny Bananas & Camila
Beat them if you can. Survive if they let you. No one can stop them. I am now convinced. A CT/Diem win in the final would be shocking but they are the only ones who even have a marginal shot. Johnny and Camila are in the midst of one of the best performances ever. It’s almost as good Kenny was on Rivals or Fresh Meat 2 if not better.

CT & Diem
After losing their second spot last week, I still think CT/Diem are the only ones who are capable of taking out Johnny/Camila. CT is a beast and Diem was spectacular in the challenge. As I stated before, I think she hasn’t excelled yet by choice and now that the competition is drawing to a close, she will start to show her true dominance.




Mark & Robin
They have had a good run, but I think that they will now lose to any team they are put against in the Dome. They need to win power couple to remain in the competition. If they don’t, they need Johnny/Camila to.





Dunbar & Paula
Weak challenge performance circumvented by strong performance in The Dome. I think they will have to survive it one more time if they are going to be in the final.




Ty & Emily
Zero chance of them getting saved for another week in a row. The most stunning result to me would be if they became power couple this week.

The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes airs Wednesdays at 10 pm on MTV & MTV Canada

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