Revenge – Episode 1-16 Review – “Trial And Error”

Poor little rich boy – the jury will have it out for a Grayson.

Since I’m embarrassingly late, I won’t do a full review. “Scandal” was a juicy episode that revealed it was indeed Satoshi Takeda who killed Tyler and framed Daniel – talk about a mentor gone rogue! However, Daniel did fire the first shot in self-defense. He had Tyler’s blood on his tux. And of course, he was the main suspect – by the end of the episode, Daniel was arrested.

The episode delivered more juicy developments than just revealing who really shot Tyler and sending Daniel to the slammer. Declan has figured out that his brother was the guy on the beach – he found the hoodie in question (“I don’t know if it was a hoodie! It could have been anything!) and is determined that his brother won’t take the fall for Amanda, or Daniel, or whoever. And Ashley has fully stepped into her role as villain by leaking photos of a blood-spattered Daniel to the media and then handling all press for the Graysons. Is it really that easy to get promoted from party planner to publicist? I can suspend my disbelief, because I like seeing Ashley do something other than suck up to Victoria.

Daniel says he doesn’t remember anything from the beach, but we know that before he was killed Tyler revealed to Daniel that Emily is playing him. And since Daniel is a gullible moron, he seems to have bought that story. Why wouldn’t you believe a raving madman over your own girlfriend?

Another interesting plot twist? Nolan and Takeda are in cahoots. Someone rigged the Grayson security cameras to play a loop over and over, so there was no evidence of the murder. For the prosecution, this means Daniel’s crime was premeditated. For Emily, this means her confidante and her mentor are working together behind her back.

Through a flashback, we found out that Takeda had broken into Em’s beach house the night before. They fought, he dominated, and then told her he’d tied up her loose ends and had done what she couldn’t (wouldn’t?) do. It looks like Takeda’s role in this is much greater than just a teacher and protector. It seems like he has his own thirst for revenge, and rather than just helping Emily he’s using her to get what he wants.

I’m so enthralled in all this that I cannot believe we won’t be getting another new episode until April 11th. There are six episodes left, and in Revenge that can mean a terrific amount of plot twists and storylines. I fully expect Jack to become a part of the murder investigation at some point, and I’d be shocked if Ashley’s role in all this didn’t become more prominent before the season concludes.


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