Kanye West Bans Critics From His Fashion Show

Haters ain’t gonna hate on Kanye’s upscale Paris fashion show, apparently.  The rapper turned designer apparently was feeling defensive about the critical drubbing that he took for his first collection, and so has decided to ban fashion critics from attending his latest showing.  Despite the snub, critics were a bit nicer to him this time around, calling the collection an improvement.

Of particular note, this collection had a subsection of alpaca clothing, and everyone unanimously agreed that it was pretty interesting and unique. Personally, I haven’t had much access to this material before, although I had heard good things for sure. Those reviewing his new line that had more experience with alpaca clothing were telling me that it is actually very warm, accessible, and versatile. If I had to pick what caught my eye or peaked my interest the most it would be this actually. We’ll have to wait until this fashion line releases this fall!


Source: Rollingstone.com