Quest’s Quick Quips: WWE SmackDown 3.9.12 (Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Kane)


– It’s actually still Matthew Harrak with the Quips. “Quest” (“Matt Quest”) is a nickname I’ve had for a very long time & was hesitant to use it on the site until I established myself a little better.

– I actually like this GM storyline.

– It’s amazing how Otunga’s sweaters shrink his physique. That one’s from Khol’s. I owned it first.

– Now if only Santino could work the Honk-a-Meter into this US title run.

– Swagger has more stage poses than the Divas.

– I found a Vickie Guerrero action figure at Wal-Mart the other day. Apparently it’s very rare. I didn’t buy it.



– Another good match between these guys and I say they ride the Santino momentum as long as possible.

– Interesting note that no one’s mentioned: both the US and IC title belong to SmackDown superstars.

– Who’s lighting is going to win out in the Aksana vs Kane match?

– Why is the HHH/Taker match called the End Of An Era? I get the “Attitude Era” reference but it just seems like they are trying to tease retirement.

– Wouldn’t Otunga always have to pee?

– Way to kill any heat Drew built up by destroying Hornswoggle.

– I think we’ll see one more heel run for Zeke and then probably his walking papers. The guys just can’t get over.

– At least Mark Henry is starting to look healthier.

– Seriously? No neon, Johnny? Such a wasted opportunity. Could those pants get any skinnier though? Makes me feel better about my physique.

– Nice Orton twist. But I think we’re seeing the end of Teddy Long on WWE TV. It’s been a great run though.

– If I wasn’t getting bored enough by Kofi, this tag team with Truth is not going to help matters.

– I’d love to meet someone who is a fan of Primo and Epico as tag team wrestlers and not because of Rosa.

– Oh God, they keep winning. Well I guess we have our new “Air Boom”. LEAVE YOUR IDEAS FOR THE R-TRUTH & KOFI KINGSTON TAG TEAM NAME IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!

– I am so looking forward to this “Rock Concert/Cena Rap” battle on Monday. Go on YouTube and check out some of the Rock’s previous “concerts” and Cena’s raps before the PG-era. You’d be excited too.

– Awesome personal note, my wife is allowing me to go with a Daniel Bryan beard until WrestleMania. It’s pretty epic. Another note, since I’ll be turning 30 next year, tickets to WrestleMania 29 in NY/NJ my very well be in the cards.

– I like that Bryan is continuing the tension between him and Michael Cole.

– “AJ, shut up!” – Awesome.

– Sheamus and Bryan have some great chemistry on the mic and I NEVER would have expected it.

– Why did Mark Henry & Cody Rhodes have similar “military style” arrow patches on their gear? I know Cody’s is typically there but haven’t noticed Henry’s before.

– I’m kind of worried that all of these Big Show videos are going to lead to a Big Show IC title win at WrestleMania and while it wouldn’t be awful, Cody Rhodes is just so much better. I’m hoping they turn their match into some sort of 3 or 4 way, especially if they want to take the belt off of Cody (although I don’t see why they would want to).

– This 6 man match is actually a great showcase of young SmackDown talent. Even Big Show doesn’t seem out-of-place as he’s been playing the tough veteran lately. And Orton is absolutely in his prime. While I love the fact that Bryan & Sheamus are the main event, a Randy Orton heavyweight title win would seem fresh. Although I would rather see that on Raw.

– Are we beginning to see the start of a Miz face turn? We’ve always said he’d be a great company babyface once he does turn but I can’t really think of a strong enough story to make him a big good guy similar to what happened to Sheamus this past summer. Maybe he just needs a full switch to SmackDown and a feud with Rhodes or Bryan.

– Miz really is standing out in this match as well. His slump storyline is one that has been done so very often (hell we JUST saw it with Drew McIntyre and Ted DiBiase) but his speaking ability could make it feel fresh.

– I’m ok with Kane vs Randy Orton at WrestleMania, even though it really came out of nowhere. But both veterans know how to work and especially in this style of fight. I just hope the match at ‘Mania is No DQ so they can capitalize on the brawling aspect.

– This was a good show tonight, I miss being able to watch every week. Hopefully with a new schedule in the works (for my day job), I’ll be able to catch it more often.


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