10 Thoughts on TNA IMPACT WRESTLING 03.08.12 – Bully Ray, Crimson, Joseph Park(Abyss), Austin Aries, Zema Ion

Reviewing the 3/8/12 episode of IMPACT WRESTLING…

1. Nice segue from the debut of Joseph Park aka Abyss playing his brother to Bully Ray talking about “Memory Loss is one side effect of a concussion.” I think they just explained what’s going to be revealed as what happened to Abyss. It certainly also explains why they mentioned that Abyss’s “Family” was looking for him. I still stand by assessment that Abyss as Joseph looks like a very large Brendan Fraser. Strange, I would say that Park never got to Bully Ray since he would be the first one he should be questioning about the whereabouts of his “brother” as somebody in the company you would think watched the PPV and knows that that was the person he was seen with, but I suppose they will save that for much later.

2. While giving away the Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries championship match for free on TV may have seemed silly at first, TNA used it to build up a bit more interest for the match with the DQ ending. Austin Aries now being one of the longest reigning champions in TNA history is well deserved. The man is a character and backs it up in the ring as well. Truly one of TNA’s greatest assets at this point.

3. While I could have seen Eric Young(EY) and ODB winning the tag titles from a mile away, it was done about as best they could do, still keeping the match entertaining and using the title victory to play into the friction between Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. While I think Austin Aries is probably going to be too entertaining to boo, there is no clear cut stand out for Gail and Madison right now. Gail would have the edge for her lack of strong mic skills and superiority in the ring. That usually makes someone a babyface who does their talking in the ring. That means TNA needs an equal on the talent side, but someone who can talk. That might be difficult in Mickie if she doesn’t want to go the heel route, but then I would say a turn for Velvet might be in order and a reunion of the Beautiful People with Velvet as the main pushed character and Angelina as her sidekick/equal this time instead of the other way around. While Velvet is not Mickie James in the wrestling department, a top heel act is needed in the Knockouts division.

4. I have to question why a seldom used stale Jersey Shore impersonator gimmick character like Robbie E. is still the TNA TV champion. That really devalues the title to keep it on such an unimportant character at this point. It makes not only the character, but the title/belt seem pointless.

5. Why would Taz or anyone be surprised that Jeff Hardy would team with Garett Bischoff when Gunner’s partner was named as Kurt Angle? I mean it’s not really hard to figure out and nobody should be surprised since Angle and Hardy are in a feud right now. I don’t think the selling point of it being risky to team with Garett since by association you would also be a target means anything when Hardy is out for revenge against Angle and a chance to get his hands on him in the ring.

6. Move of the Night:

Eric Young’s“accidental pin” on Gail Kim after Madison hit him with the belt from behind.

A heterosexual man’s dream(see Thought #7 as well)

7. Lines of the Night:

a. When Kurt Angle came out to volunteer his services as Gunner’s partner against Garrett Bischoff and a partner

Kurt Angle – “…And besides everyone hates anyone with the last name Bischoff. No disrespect to you Eric.”

That was pretty funny as was Eric’s facial expression.

a. On calling the finish of the Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match and how the Interference backfired

Taz – “Backfired for Madison and Gail and a pin cover that I think you want to do if you’re Eric Young on Gail.”

Yes indeed.

8. Notable Matches of the Night

X-Division Title Match

X-Division Champion Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion 

Pretty short, but it was a free PPV caliber match up and it ended in a DQ finish, so it left one wanting more for the PPV.

Non-Title Match

World Champion Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray 

Actually this match surprised me as it was pretty good for a heel vs. heel match up. Bully Ray’s chops on Roode were pretty damn vicious, too. James Storm’s interference stopped Bully from using his chain and then he superkicked Roode to officially end the match at what I would presume would be a no-contest.

Main Event Tag Team Match

Kurt Angle and Gunner vs. Jeff Hardy and Garett Bischoff 

Strange that Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff weren’t out there with Gunner and Angle for the actual match since they are a big part of the angle with Bischoff’s son. Speaking of which Garett is still pretty green as there was a lot of light on the flying clotheslines. The match was formulated to play to the strengths of the combatants, though. Hardy sold most of the match until the hot tag to Bischoff who had his spurt and then Hardy blindtagged back in and got the pin via a Swanton on Kurt Angle to further their feud. Textbook tag team match with the babyfaces coming out on top and no attack this week to end the show providing a nice alternative ending especially with next week providing the opportunity for the proverbial beatdown of the face leading to the PPV.

9.  Final Show Thoughts:

Strangely not much of a mention of Jesse Sorensen this week. Maybe since word got out that he won’t be back until 2013 they might space out the updates. Eric Young proposed to ODB, who turned it around and proposed to him, put the ring on his finger and EY danced around like a little girl afterwards. Okay, I can accept the KO tag victory for comedy relief, but this was a bit much or too soon, rather. Nice exchange between AJ Styles and his former friends Christopher Daniels and Kazarian talking about who is to blame for the dissolution of their friendship. AJ then introduced his new ally, a real Asshole, Mr. Anderson. Definitely missed Chelsea out there with Ric Flair and what’s left of the Immortal crew this week. Not so much X-Division or Knockout heavy which is disappointing considering my enjoyment of it last week. Damn shame. Magnus and Samoa Joe conspicuous by their absence as it would have been nice to at least have them on commentary or show them watching the #1 contenders match between the Robbies and Crimson/Matt Morgan. Redwhite and Blueprint look to be officially splitting up as Crimson continued the blame game followed by the let’s work together rant again this week almost trying to hide his real thoughts on his partner. It was funny to see the seeds sowed further when Crimson stole the pinfall after Morgan’s Carbon Footprint. Morgan sold it all the way up the ramp and most assuredly there should be a turn at the PPV. The weird thing during the match, though, was the announcers played it up like Crimson has been supposedly still winning singles and tag matches when until this tag victory, the last two times I seen him he has lost, albeit with Morgan, still the streak isn’t as impressive if the guy isn’t winning and has nothing to brag about. The good thing, like the guy or not, is that he’ll be able to use that to his advantage if he turns heel blaming these losses on Morgan. Undefeated is a bit of a stretch now. But a heel is supposed to stretch the truth.

10. IMPACT PLAYERs of the WEEK: 

Bully Ray, Crimson, Joseph Park(Abyss), Austin Aries, Zema Ion

Bully is a consistent entertainer, Crimson’s heel turn is well played, Abyss as Park was interesting enough and as short as it was Aries vs. Ion was the best of the bunch, at least to me.

That is all.

M.C. Brown

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