Jim Ross Blog: JR Talks Demolition, Undertaker vs. HBK, DX, Peyton Manning and Ric Flair at WWE Hall of Fame

Jim Ross posted a blog update late last week where he answered Twitter questions about Demolition, Undertaker vs. HBK, DX, Peyton Manning, Ric Flair at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Miami, two WWE superstars who are catching on, and more:

Writes JR:

When will Demolition go into the WWE HOF? We get this one weekly as well as the obligatory Savage, Sammartino, Warrior, etc questions on a regular basis. I am not involved in the selection process nor do I know how it fully functions today. I’ve done my best to make these points clear and going forward will refrain from addressing them in this manner. Lots of talents are deserving induction. Most get what they deserve at the end of the day. I consider being inducted in 2007 as one of my best days in the biz bar none.

What happened to the Goldust vs. Cody match for WrestleMania? I never knew that match was ever confirmed or seriously considered. It seems as if it could have been more wishful thinking on some folk’s part. I’m sure that the sons of @DustyWWE would have had a nice match and perhaps that idea will be re-visted at a later date.

Will WWE ever have a building that will house the WWE HOF and Museum? My guess is yes. That’s been talked about for years and I know at varying points that multiple locations have been seriously considered. My best guess is that it will be in a high tourist area with other established attractions in the vicinity. Not having a structure to house the HOF doesn’t lessen the honor of being a WWE HOF’er in my view.

Does HBK being named referee to the HHH-Taker HIAC match take away from the match? Of course not. I think it adds to the drama and poses many more questions than answers which is essential to the build to any major bout. @ShawnMichaels is a show stealer and to think that his presence at WrestleMania, the site of some of his greatest performances, won’t be impactful is absurd. The question is how impactful and to who? HBK has great history with both combatants which makes Shawn wearing the stripped shirt even more compelling.

Favorite HBK vs. Undertaker bout? I’ve called more than one that stands out but WM25 is significant as it was their first at WrestleMania bout vs each other and it was the 25th WrestleMania. Those two really turned it on in that one. Damn compelling story with so some amazing near falls and quite the ride from bell to bell. Plus, it was in both men’s home state of Texas. They sauced it!

Fav DX Moment? One has to be when they did the parody of the Nation of Domination on Raw.

Where does Peyton Manning go now that he’s out of Indy? Where he perceives that he has the best chance of winning a Super Bowl in the next 3 years. A team with a good defense and quality receivers to throw to is imperative. Manning makes everyone around him better but he needs weapons to accomplish the ultimate goal of every NFL player. I think the race for #18 is wide open. For the future HOF QB, it’s not about the cash at this stage of his career but winning another Super Bowl.

Who are two WWE superstars who seem to be catching on? Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler are both evolving nicely. I also think Jack Swagger has unlimited potential. In the territory days, these three would be prime examples of athletes who would earn success for a few years in various territories before being brought to WWE. The system has changed but taking time to evolve hasn’t. Many fans have no patience and many talents don’t put in the extra work in and out of the ring to get to the next level. These talents do and will be main event stars at some point unless injuries or other issues arise.

Will Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio ever happen? My guess is yes. Seems inevitable to me. However, both have to get healthy and when that is remains to be seen.

Do you still think that Ric Flair will be at the WWE HOF Ceremony with the Horsemen? Yes, and why shouldn’t he be? Amateur lawyers and cynics love to look at a half full glass. Ric deserves to be with Arn, Tully, and Barry to be honored as the most influential faction of all time. Just because Ric currently works for TNA should make no difference. I admit that this matter may be somewhat unusual but it has definitely been over analyzed by many on the internet and Twitter sleuths.

You can check Ross’ full blog post here.

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