Steve Austin Reveals the Origins of the Stone Cold Stunner, Cites Inspiration from Current WWE On-Air Personality

In a new blog post on , WWE Hall of Fame superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin discussed the origins of his legendary Stone Cold Stunner finishing move. Austin credited Michael Hayes with coming up with the Stunner concept in 1996, with inspiration from none other than current WWE on-air personality (and backstage authority figure) John Laurinaitis, who was using the Ace Crusher in Japan.

In the blog entry, Austin also endorsed Hayes and the Fabulous Freebirds as prime WWE Hall of Fame candidates.

Lastly, Austin talks about how much fun it’s always been to dish out a Stunner on any given occasion, you know, like the 2002 Royal Rumble:

“I don’t know how many Stunners I’ve dealt out in my career. There were some nights when my back was so torched the last thing I wanted to do was jump up in the air and land on my ass…BUT…After getting beat like a drum for a good portion of my career, no matter how bad I was feeling…I NEVER B!TCHED ABOUT HAVING TO GIVE A STUNNER. The setup kick…The Stunner…The explosion from the fans in attendance…Damn what a way to make a living!”

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Source: PW Torch