10 Thoughts On… Survivor: One World – Episode 5 Review

1. Coming from a reality show spoiling background, I am shocked at how much was given away by the editing in tonight’s episode. They might as well have written Kim a $1 million check because it was one of the best single episode edits I have ever seen for a player in the history of the show. She was given winner quote after winner quote, came out on the perfect side of the twist, was shown strategizing with the guys and we actually saw her saying that she is having fun. This was before she found the hidden immunity idol! Just give her the cheque already.

2. “Located in the most obvious spot idol” is better term for “hidden immunity idol.”

3. Leif’s performance in the immunity challenge was fantastic. It was the first time he has impressed me all season. I was fully prepared to write about how tonight’s immunity challenge was completely unfair for Leif but he rocked it out.

4. I finally saw positive editing for Jonas. That’s what everyone has been telling me but tonight was the first time I got to see some of his game. I think that following Colton around is actually a good move. He takes the bullet and Jonas reaps the rewards.

5. I have always hated twists on the show and tonight is just another example of why. The “Greek God” tribe is completely stacked. Are you kidding me? Jay, Troyzan, Michael, Kim, Sabrina, Chelsea and Kat on one tribe? Why should we even bother having immunity challenges until the inevitable merge? Manono will not win again.

6. Colton’s fantastic acting at tribal council was also quite funny. It’s clear that he is almost aroused at the prospect of lying even if it is just for the sake of lying. While he received a lot of backlash after last week’s episode, you would be lying to yourself if you didn’t admit that he is the main reason you are watching this season.

7. So let me get this straight. Survivor: One World, the title of this season, was only in effect for four episodes? What is this? Cook Islands all over again?

8. Chelsea Meissner looked stunning this week. Absolutely breathtaking.

9. The victim of next week’s medivac will be the person you least expect. And just like last week’s episode, it will be one that we will be talking about for a long time.

10. One of my biggest pet peeves on the show is when Jeff calls a vote a blindside when it really wasn’t and everyone knew who was going home. Tonight was a real blindside. The look of shock on the faces of Monica and Christina cannot be faked or edited. This is what Survivor is all about.

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