Ric Flair In Los Angeles Lakers Radio Booth plus NBA Ratings Eating into TNA Impact and WWE SmackDown

On March 3rd, TNA Wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was in the radio booth for the Los Angeles Lakers to help call second quarter action. Lakers’ radio announcer Mychal Thompson is a huge Flair fan and so they brought in the Nature Boy as a surprise to him. Among other topics, Flair and Thompson talked about Flair going into the WWE Hall of Fame a second time with the Four Horsemen.

It should also be noted that NBA basketball ratings are way up this year, which is definitely cutting into both TNA Impact and WWE SmackDown viewership. Writes The Wrestling Observer in their March 12 Newsletter, “TNT ratings, which go against Impact, are up 25% this year while ESPN ratings are up 20%. There is also a lesson about ratings here given that it’s been the rise of new stars like Jeremy Lin (Knicks ratings on a regional level are up 71%) and Blake Griffin has been a big part of the increase.”

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Source: The Wrestling Observer