The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes – Episode 7 Review – “Power Rankings”

It was our first “to be continued” episode of the season and it certainly warranted a second part.

Battle Of The Exes has definitely found its voice over the last few weeks and it was clear that a bubbling feud between Ty and Emily was ready to erupt at anytime given the former’s burgeoning relationship with rival team member Paula. The feud was hinted at, teased in the previews and almost thrown in our face on a weekly basis and we finally got to see what started the argument.

After a night out of drinking (what else?), Camila (who seems to always find herself putting the C in controversy this season) and Emily teamed up to tease Ty and Paula. You can’t really blame them as Ty has been professing his love for Walnuts after only knowing her for a few weeks. The idea to mock the lovebirds revolved around roleplay with Camila assuming the role of Paula and Emily portraying her Exes partner Ty. I feel like I am forgetting something. Oh that’s right. Emily put some brown mud on her face to look even more like Ty. This “black face” got the reaction you would expect as the majority of the house was horrified by Emily’s ignorance. Ty was especially annoyed and the majority of the episode was consumed by his threat to leave the house and finally reaching some kind of peace with Emily by the end of it.

The challenge asked the teams to compete doing accelerated wedding tasks including putting on a wedding dress/tux, garters, searching for clues that were buried in the sand and finally asking the ‘groom’ to carry his bride to the alter/finish line. Kinda sucks that Aneesa/Rachel weren’t around for this one huh?

The aforementioned Ty/Emily lost meaning they would be sent straight into the Dome. There was also a showdown between the two teams that I have ranked in the top two position for almost the entire season to win the title of power couple. In the end it was CT and Diem pulling off the shocking victory (given their arguments last week).

The most interesting aspect of the episode to me was the strategy discussions between CT and Diem. I am not sure what their best move is in terms of who to send into the Dome. If Mark and Robin go in, Ty and Emily will beat them. If Dunbar and Paula go in, Ty and Emily will probably beat them. If they send Johnny and Camila in, it would be an active act of war especially given that both teams have protected each other. I think that the best strategic move would just be to send Paula and Dunbar in. I know that Mark would probably protect Johnny over CT and that Paula would as well so I don’t think it really matters. What do you think?

The episode ended with the cliffhanger as we wait to find out who CT and Diem have selected.





Johnny Bananas & Camila
They just edge out CT and Diem for the top spot again. I don’t think the power couple will put them in the Dome and for that reason alone, I put them in the first position. This week, they are the leaders because of their social game and knowing that CT and Diem were the best team to align with. In previous weeks, it has primarily been because of their challenge domination. Regardless, we’ll see them in the finale.


CT & Diem
Not only are CT and Diem entertaining to watch, I think we are all secretly rooting for them to get back together (well, I am not but I think most viewers are). When they stop fighting and concentrate on the challenge, they are almost unbeatable. They are also heading straight to the finale.




Mark & Robin
They have never been more in jeopardy than they are tonight. I do think they will be able to save off elimination for another week but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) it is more because of their weakness as a team rather than their strength. The others want to go against them in a final.





Dunbar & Paula
Finished. This week or next. It’s inevitable.




Ty & Emily
If they get to the final, it will be because they are unstoppable in Dome challenges. They just might be but it will be interesting to see how they do if they face real competition from either Johnny/Camila or CT/Diem. I don’t think that will happen until at least the finale though.

I am interviewing Heather Marter from the show tonight (Wednesday March 14) at 9:30 PM Pacific Time. To check it out, click HERE

The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes airs Wednesdays at 10 pm on MTV & MTV Canada

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