THE RAGER! – But Seriously, What IS The Miz Gonna Do at WrestleMania?

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Last week, I discussed at length my feelings towards the absence of the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania and how that started Wrestlemania 27 on a lame note. Several responses suggested new or alternate ideas to consider if WWE is dead-set on doing without the match at this and future Manias. One interesting idea that was brought out was to bring back the triple threat tag team ladder/tlc match. I think that would be a great idea but alas, the problem of not having as many established/liked tag team arises its dirty, little head. Do we really want that match between the Uso’s, Primo and Carlito, and R-Boom (I hate that name almost as much a Air-Boom, I’m glad both men are gonna be in GM vs GM)? The answer to that riddle is “no.” Another idea, proposed by Blair Douglas, would be to have a match similar to MitB but without the briefcase gimmick. I could really get behind something like that and just have “a” big ladder match for something/anything. I really don’t think you can go wrong with a ladder match (DISCLAIMER: that is if its the kind of ladder match that ends upon obtaining whatever is hanging above the ring. Ladder matches like, oh I don’t know, a sledgehammer match don’t work…at all. However, maybe that has more to do with the fact that the last one featured a guy who couldn’t even pull off taking a Pedigree).

So poor Miz and his current jobber status. A lot are saying that maybe Miz pissed off some people after not catching R-Truth a few weeks ago and that is why Miz has been cast aside for the time being. This logic doesn’t make sense to me because if the company had him on their naughty list then he would cease being their publicity workhorse like he’s been for the past couple years. That being said and adding up all the promos he’s had recently, I am 100% certain my next statement will be correct…

The Miz WILL interrupt a match at Wrestlemania. Which match? I dare not go out on a limb and say it.

Ok, Cena vs Rock.

That’s quite a bold statement to make, Chris. I know, other person living in my head that I made up for the purposes of this bit, and I’m hoping it doesn’t happen or he goes after another match. However, how perfectly would that fit? Just a year ago, I commended Miz for holding his own leading up to Mania and not settling on being the third wheel of the Cena/Rock party. And now, a year later, Rock and Cena have their epic match and Miz has nothing.
I spent all last Rager on where WM27 fell flat and an argument can be made that that another big factor in that was how Miz/Cena ended and we later found out that it was basically all a set-up for WM 28. Who’s to say that can’t happen again with something involving Miz and WM 29? Rock has already confirmed that he will be there so it would be safe to assume that WWE will give their golden boy something to do there.
Could this prediction be too bold for a match that WWE has hyped for an entire year? Absolutely and, to be honest, I am rooting for Miz to interrupt any other (excluding Punk/Jericho) match that night because I feel like it would be a shame for THIS match to end like that. But something in the back of my head is saying otherwise…

Other thoughts:
– Buildup for Rock/Cena took a step backwards (maybe more) after that Rock Concert on Raw. I know this is probably going to be talked about to a great length and there are plenty of other Pulse writers more eloquent about this than I am. All I know is that Rock made fun of Chewbacca. The line in the sand has been drawn and we will end you, Rock. And to a much (much) lesser extent he also made fun of Star Trek in spite of the fact (found out by Joel Leonard, master of finding anything on the internet) that he actually guest starred in an episode.
– A new element was thrown into the CM Punk/Chris Jericho feud involving Punk’s alcoholic father. I do think its good that a feud has plenty of depth but I’m not so sure this was needed. Fans are going to stay interested in this match, new elements don’t necessarily need to be added. All this does is make Punk more serious but is that really want we want?
– Lets be honest, there were 3 options for this GM vs GM thing to “go down” (as the kids say with their hipping and hopping). Actually having Long and Johnny have a match (which would have been tragic seeing as how Ace can’t sell absolutely anything). Having a proxy match that would presumably feature Santino vs David Otunga and that’s not exactly a WM worthy match. Or, and the direction they went with, have a big tag team match. Now, hopefully this gets turned into an elimination match to avoid the 30 second madness of last year’s Corre vs random-grouping-of-faces-where-Kane-did-the-trombone-schtick. Whatever the case may be, WWE actually went the right route with this story. One might say that the story in general was a wrong turn but at least the road was paved nicely.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The Answer: I’m sorry once again, James Alsop, for spoiling last Sunday’s episode of Walking Dead.

The Best thing to happen this week: The return of Brodus Clay during Raw.

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