Harrak’s Quick Quips: TNA Victory Road 2012 (Sting, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Bully Ray)

This was all actually done live on the Pulse Wrestling Twitter account (@pulsewrestling). If you missed out this time, we’ll be doing the same thing for WrestleMania.

– Everyone ready for Impact Placeholder 2.0 for Lockdown?

– No lie – Limp Bizkit just came on the radio. Not a good omen for this show.

– Hopefully this sets up a Storm/Bully feud for the belt soon.

– Sort of figured this match would be first cause of the ankle surgery. Quick & painless.

– Aries tweeting during a match > any WWE star trying the same thing.

– Another standout showing from Aries. Again, still not sold on Ion.

– AWESOME MMG promo we saw before this match. I guess we know who Joe & Magnus’ next opponents are.

– Looking for a Crimson heel turn here which would be much more interesting than he is now.

– Saw that finish from mile away but there’s nothing wrong w/it. Except that their first match will prob be in a cage next month.

– If nothing else, Morgan deserves a World title run and this might lead to one.

– Another “heel v heel” title match. Why does it feel like Russo is still slipping in notes?

– Devon vs Robbie E for the TV belt.

– Are they seriously putting Brooke Hogan back on TV? Ugh

– Who would have thought that Devon would win singles gold before Bully? Not me.

– Holy crap, I think TNA bought stock in Twitter.

– This match got awkward very quickly and then it ended. WTH?!

– Nice video to wrap up a LONG history between Styles and Daniels.

– Glad Anderson when back bleached blonde. Looked awful brown.

– Impact Zone is just not into this match.

– At least Styles stopped wearing the Fortune logo on the back of his tights.

– You know the Twitter commentary is bad when you’re actually wishing Michael Cole was on the mic.

– This was a nice storyline to reintroduce Anderson from being off TV for months.

– Nice tag match that outshined the first tag match we had tonight. Guessing we see Styles/Daniels/Kaz in a cage next month.

– Fantastic heel promo from Angle. It’s great to see a clear-eyed, focused Kurt Angle.

– If these two guys are motivated they will steal the show. If it hadn’t been for their issues they could have headlined WrestleMania.

– Very classically paced Hardy & Angle match. They’re both so good in their prime.

– For a guy training for the Olympics, Angle’s taking some rough bumps.

– Good very WWE-style match. It helps when there’s a clear heel and babyface.

– I really can’t think of the last time Angle pinned anyone with his Angle Slam.

– Screwy TNA finish but it was a very good match and the finish worked well for the story.

– Love Roode’s new entrance. Very late-Batista like but works for his character.

– I think both competitors should always show up for a No Holds Barred or Street Fight in street clothes.

– You still got it!”-It’s been 20 seconds people!

– Wow the crowd is INTO this match. I never would have thought that for this match

– I thought this match was looking very Flair-esque. And now a figure four

– ANNNNNNND now the chops. Is this 1991?

– Sting really has stepped up his game tonight & that was a finish I know I’VE never seen. Kudos

– Bobby Roode has done a great job in making himself the most despicable heel in our business right now. Decent show overall.

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