TNA Impact Wrestling Victory Road 2012 PPV Live Streaming Coverage

Let’s take a look at the card –

1. Sting vs. Bobby Roode *No Holds Barred Match
2. Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle
3. AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson vs. Chris Daniels & Kazarian
4. Bully Ray vs. James Storm
5. Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Matt Morgan & Crimson *TNA World Tag Team Title Match
6. Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion *TNA X Division Title Match
7. Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne *TNA Women’s Title Match
8. Robbie E open challenge *TNA TV Title Match

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Bully Ray comes out to start the show and the crowd chants “We Want Devon.” He says that he’s trending worldwide on Twitter (which company are we watching?) because he’s holding the pay-per-view hostage. James Storm comes out to retort, and he offers to put his #1 Contender status on the line!

MATCH #1: Number One Contender’s Match – Bully Ray vs. James Storm

It takes all of about a minute and a half for Storm to hit the Last Call superkick to get the win and retain his title shot.

WINNER – James Storm, DUD

Jeremy Borash gets a word backstage with X Division Champion Austin Aries, but before the interview can commence Eric Bischoff comes out to kick Borash off the show. Yeah, play to the internet crowd, good job rubes.

MATCH #2: TNA X Division Championship Match – Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion

Aries is now the longest-reigning X Division Champion in company history. Ion avoids Aries in the early going, taking a quick powder. They do some cheeky back and forth and Aries seems to have the one up on the arrogant challenger. Aries sends Ion to the floor and hits the Heat Seeking Missile and then stops to Tweet about it. Back in the ring Aries is totally dominant. Ion fights back and snaps Aries’ neck off the top rope. He even does the same moonsault that he used to injure Jesse Sorensen, and thankfully this time no one gets paralyzed. Back in the ring Aries fights back and reclaims control. Aries goes for the IED but Ion sprays him in the eyes with hairspray. Ion gets a quick rollup for two. They fight up to the top rope and Aries is able to hit a sunset bomb. Aries is still having trouble seeing but he’s still able to hit the Brainbuster and flip it into the Last Chancery to get the win in about 11 minutes.

WINNER – Austin Aries, ***

The Motor City Machine Guns are coming back!

MATCH #3: TNA World Tag Team Title Match – Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Matt Morgan & Crimson

Crimson and Morgan are not on the same page from the outset of the match. Even with the miscommunication Crimson is able to weather the early onslaught from the champions and isolate on Magnus. Joe gets a hot tag and the champions are on a roll. Morgan tags himself in, and then Crimson tags himself in, and so on and so forth. Finally Crimson just walks out on his partner, leaving Morgan to get decimated by the champs. When Morgan makes the comeback, Crimson sneaks back in the ring and hits his own partner with a Spear! That allows the champs to hit their finisher and get the win about 11 minutes in.

WINNERS – Samoa Joe & Magnus, **½

Borash gets a word with World Champion Bobby Roode, which leads to a confrontation with the #1 Contender, James Storm.

MATCH #4: Robbie E Invitational

Robbie E and Rob Terry come out and say there’s no one in the locker room to accept the challenge, so he opens it to anyone in the crowd. Then Devon appears and heads to the ring. Robbie E does not want to face him, for whatever reason. Devon is on fire at the start, but Robbie quickly comes back and even argues with Brooke Hogan at ringside. Back in the ring Devon hits the spinebuster to get the win in about three minutes. Devon, really?

WINNER – Devon, *

Backstage – Borash gets a word with Dixie Carter, who announces that TNA will run their 10th Anniversary Show in Dallas, which is pretty cool.

MATCH #5: TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match – Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne

They pretend to play nice in the beginning, but it quickly turns into a catfight. Madison knocks Gail off the ring apron and into the guardrail. Back in the ring Madison is in total control. Gail fights back and the crowd goes mild. This is what happens when you book two heels against each other, especially the women. Madison regains control, but Gail cuts her off and hits Eat Defeat to get the win and retain the title in about 5 minutes.

WINNER – Gail Kim, *¾

Backstage – Borash gets a word with Chris Daniels and Kazarian, who are aggressively looking forward to their match tonight.

MATCH #6: Chris Daniels & Kazarian vs. AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson

Kazarian and Anderson start the match with some basic back and forth. Tags are made and the AJ/Anderson team shows impressive chemistry and controls Daniels in the early going. Kazarian fights back with his newfound aggression and he and Daniels take control of AJ, keeping him in their half of the ring. After several minutes AJ unleashes some offense and makes the tag. Anderson is on fire briefly, and then Kazarian and Daniels fight back. All four men knock each other down. Back on their feet AJ and Daniels tumble to the floor. Anderson then gets dumped out, and Kazarian goes for the Fade to Black, but Styles reverses it to the Styles Clash for the win.

WINNER – AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson, ***½

Tenay and Taz WILL NOT STOP talking about Twitter. It’s almost as bad as WWE.

Backstage – Borash gets a word with Kurt Angle, who gives a shout out to his kid. Angle then promises to beat up Jeff Hardy tonight.

MATCH #7: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy has the early advantage, as Angle takes multiple powders in the early going. Back in the ring they take it to the mat and Angle of course has the advantage there. Back on the floor that’s where Hardy has the advantage. Momentum continues to shift until Hardy misses a dive to the floor and Angle pounces on him. Hardy fights back with a boot to the face and a hard clothesline. He unleashes a flurry of offense, including Whisper in the Wind for a two-count. Angle fights back with a super belly-to-belly suplex and the Ankle Lock, but Hardy fights out and hits the Twist of Fate for a two-count. Hardy goes up for the Swanton and hits nothing but knees. Angle responds with the Angle Slam for a two-count. Hardy comes back with another Twist of Fate and both men are down. They rise to their feet and Hardy unloads on him. Hardy goes up and hits a hard Swanton Bomb, but when he covers Angle rolls him up and uses the ropes for leverage to get the pin in about 20 minutes.

WINNER – Kurt Angle, ***¾

Backstage – Borash gets a quick word with Sting, who is ready to fight tonight.

MATCH #8: No Holds Barred Match – Sting vs. Bobby Roode

The idiots in the Impact Zone chant “You Still Got It.” No, he doesn’t, and I would appreciate it if you would stop encouraging him. The fight quickly spills to the floor and Sting is in complete control. Eventually Roode fights back as the idiot commentators won’t stop talking about Twitter. Is Michael Cole producing this show? Back in the ring Roode controls and locks on the Figure-Four Leglock. I’m bored. Sting fires back up and hits a superplex. He puts on the Scorpion Deathlock and Roode reaches the ropes. Roode hits a Spear but only gets two. He goes under the ring and grabs a steel chair and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Sting fights back and hits the Scorpion Death Drop, but the back of his head cracks on the chair, which allows Roode to crawl over and get the pin. That was a creative finish but the match was duller than dishwater.

WINNER – Bobby Roode, **

Roode throws the referee to the floor just to be a jerk. He gets in Dixie Carter’s face while grabbing another chair, and then throws her into the ring to rub the beaten Sting in her face. Of course Sting fights back and comes to her rescue. Roode sneaks back in the ring and this Sting with a chair, and then duct tapes Sting to the ropes while Dixie screams and looks awkward. The champ then goes to hit Sting with the chair again but Dixie begs him not to so he stops. Then nothing happens and we fade to black.

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