Jim Ross Blog: JR Talks Oklahoma Ban on Combat Sports, The Rock vs. John Cena, CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho, Hell In A Cell and Paul Heyman

In a weekend blog entry, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross spoke about several topics including his home state of Oklahoma placing a ban on combat sports, three WWE WrestleMania 28 matches — Rock-Cena, Punk-Jericho and Taker-Triple H — and Paul Heyman possibly making the WWE Hall of Fame one day:

Ross on OK combat sports ban:

Oklahoma was in the news this past week essentially banning ‘combat sports’ such as MMA and professional boxing from promoting in the state of Oklahoma and the politicos even included ‘Pro Wrestling’ in their misguided list of Combat Sports. If WWE is a Combat Sport, I assume the Oklahoma politicians also think that the Ice Capades and the Harlem Globetrotters are as well. Hopefully this ill advised decision can have a happy ending and I feel that it can once all involved parties, specifically the Oklahoma government, can take a closer look at their decision and how it can potentially take Oklahoma out of the game and cost the state significant revenues on many fronts including promotions such as WWE potentially not touring my home state.

Ross on Rock-Cena:

As a result of @TheRock personal barrage on @JohnCena, Cena has become much more edgy which I have enjoyed. Both Cena and Rock are from the competitive and physical world of college football and I think those deep roots will manifest itself into a physically demanding main event at WM28. I hope that WWE saves all the physical interaction between the two stars until April 1 and, to my way of thinking, I can’t see why WWE would risk putting either man at a physical risk prior to what is expected to be the highest grossing WrestleMania event of all time. Just one man’s take.

Ross on Jericho vs. Punk:

@IAmJericho personal assault on @CMPunk using the father of Punk as ammo has upset many fans. Certainly those who have had alcoholism touch their lives are sensitive that this delicate matter is being utilized on an entertainment show but one can’t argue that the matter isn’t reality based or that it isn’t combustible. I said long ago that Punk vs. Jericho for the coveted WWE Title is a potential show stealer as far as a traditional wrestling match is concerned at WM28 and by adding the latest, personal ingredient to the equation this bout becomes even more eagerly anticipated. I expect greatness in this bout considering the two performers and hope that they let it naturally flow and don’t overcomplicate the process.

Ross on The Underaker vs. Triple H, with HBK’s involvement:

The highest rated segment on Monday Night Raw was the confrontation between the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. There is amazing interest in ‘The Streak’ especially now that it’s HHH looking to make history by becoming the first man to ever beat Taker at a WrestleMania event AND with @ShawnMichaels being the official inside Hell in a Cell. The Streak has had 19 years to establish a lasting foundation and many fans have lived through most or all of it. They are more, new questions raised weekly regarding this match and by the time we get to April 1 in Miami this collision will have more conspiracy theories than an Oliver Stone film.

Ross on ECW being represented in the WWE Hall of Fame:

“Will ECW ever be represented in the WWE HOF?’ I’d assume so. Why not? If that does occur, I’d suggest that @HeymanHustle aka Paul Heyman aka Paul E. Dangerously be at the top of the list. “Happy” Heyman certainly made his mark on the biz. Our call at WM17 seems to be many followers of @JRsBBQ favorite WWE PPV.

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Source: JR's Blog

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